Why Boat Affiliates Should Advertise on Vessel Vendor

Commissions are only as good as your advertisements

Affiliate programs are driven by one factor and that is sales. To have the best potential sales, the affiliate needs to expose their product to a target market which has a reputation for securing sales of those products to the target audience. For a boat affiliate, finding a site which expands your potential investors while at the same time focusing on a specific geographic or demographic is essential. Vessel Vendor offers boat affiliates the avenue to do such targeted marketing.


One misconception with advertising online is that a few keywords in an article can get you to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). While there is some truth in this, SEO is far more than just words. It is a compilation of keywords, images, feedback, comments, relativity to the subject being searched, social status, mobile friendly status, etc. This is why online marketing and online marketing strategists are in such high demand. However, as a boat affiliate you an bypass the need for such a strategist by advertising with a website which already has high SERps, SEO, and targeted word search ability.

Consider. According to internetlivestats, there are more then a billion live websites, and each day there are over 3 billion Google searches. Boat affiliates who advertise with sites must choose sites which can combat the masses and yield results within the top SERP margins. Facts have shown that those whose advertisements are on the 3 or 4th page of a search result have around an 8% chance of being seen and a even lesser chance of having the call to action engaged. Vessel Vendor’s site is consistently in the top margins, making those whose advertisements within the site more apt to be seen and their call to actions more apt to be used. By increasing your advertisement’s SEO through Vessel Vendor, you are more apt to have investors, and thereby your ROI will increase.

Why do it alone?

Apart from having a great web presence, Vessel Vendor elevates the need for the boat affiliate to make his or her own website to showcase the boat. Granted, you could have a direct linkage to the manufacturer, but that could cut you out of your commission if the person decides to buy directly and not through you, the affiliate. By listing your boats on Vessel Vendor, not only do you not have to build a website for your vessels, which can get to be quite expensive, but you get the chance to showcase your product against other boats of the same make and model. By establishing yourself as a boat affiliate who offers quality craft on a reputable website, your chances of return clients, expanding your clients through referrals, and increased profits from your commission is obtainable.

Vessel Vendor helps boat affiliates to have the most exposure to secure their sales. This is done through boat reviews, brand reviews, location based pages which advise on the type of craft and boating for a specific area, as well as boat management services and other boating information articles. The point is that you do not have to do everything by yourself. We have already established the foundation, secured the strategies that work, and have the experience and the information to get potential clients engaged and interested in your boats.

Advertising where the client comes to you

Boat affiliates will appreciate the way in which we have built our site. Where other sites are designed with a hit-and-miss conceptualization, our site was specifically designed to bring clients to the seller in a non-intrusive, no pressure environment. By breaking away from the stereotypical sales page, we offer the clients the ability to make informed decisions regarding what, where, and who they wish to purchase from. Because Vessel Vendor has a reputation for providing top of the line vessels, boat affiliates get the advantage of having clients seek them out, not the opposite.

Are you interested in advertising with Vessel Vendor? Let us know

If you are tiered of sporadic results and wish to advertise with a company which has a reputation for offering quality boats, then please let us know. Boat Affiliates are encouraged to fill out the application form on our site. Vessel Vendor will review your application and contact you regarding the best option for advertisement. Should you have any questions about advertisement on Vessel Vendor, or if you have any general inquires about the site please be sure to let us know.

Get more results, maximize your Boat Affiliate commissions by increasing sales through targeted exposure, and increase your client list by advertising with Vessel Vendor today.

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