Why Boat Brokers Should Advertise on Vessel Vendor

Increase your leads and your chances of higher ROI with Vessel Vendor

When it comes to listing and selling a yacht, leisure craft, angler, or any other type of boat, having a boat broker is essential. As the boat broker, it is your responsibility to find the leads which will yield the highest return, both to you and to the seller. Because the boat broker’s ROI is based upon the commission from the sale of the boats under his or her care, having the most exposure to the vessels is critical. This is where Vessel Vendor comes in.

Maximize your market

Vessel Vendor has a multiple marketing strategy to selling boats which brokers will find appealing. We are NOT oriented just to making classified ads and hoping that boat buyers will come and see the page. Instead, our site encourages user empowerment and engagement, a critical step in building loyalty, trust, and maximizing leads. We do this by:

  • Providing information about the various brands of boats that are offered on Vessel Vendor.
  • By providing the user with the means of comparison shopping through brand reviews
  • Offer manufacturer references to specific areas where the boat’s use will be more enjoyable, thus increasing the probability that such manufacturer’s boats will be sold

Boat Brokers should note that the information that is presented on Vessel Vendor is unbiased and therefore increases the transparency of the site. This methodology to our listing has contributed to the fast-growing success of the website.

Our site is for boats…period

Other sites which offer boat brokers the opportunity to list their vessels are not solely boat oriented. This leads to sporadic hits and a minimized margin that someone will purchase your boat. Because Vessel Vendor only focuses on boats, boat services, and boat maintenance, the margin for a successful transaction is increase. Your target audience is already those who wish to learn more about purchasing a vessel, the site has designated areas in which to search and find your vessel, and as the site is growing in popularity, the SERPs (search engine result pages) related to your vessel will be higher than that of a generalized listing page.

Narrow but not too narrow

Boat brokers understand that to get the proper target audience there needs to be a balance in the marketing strategy. On the one hand you want to have enough of a selection to expand the views of your product to increase the liability of a call to action being performed on your advertisement. On the other hand, you want to have only those who are interested in boats looking to purchase. Vessel Vendor gives you this narrow but not too narrow approach to listing your vessel. It is narrow in that the site is only about boats. Yet, it is not too narrow (such as sites which only sell bay boats, or cuddy cabins) as the site gets traffic from fishing/boating, cruising, luxury boating, sports water enthusiast, etc.

Your ROI

For a boat broker, the main goal is to have a happy customer and to receive a high ROI. While the money that you put into the marketing and the targeting of potential clients may not be substantial, the time, energy, scouting of reputable sites, listing charges, and such can add up substantially. Vessel Vendor allows for a higher ROI in that you have a listing which potential buyers will seek out, that you do not need to make additional articles and information available on the craft as we have informational pages concerning brands and manufacturers, nor do you need to list various vessels with various specialized sites as we are more than willing to sell your Royal and your Skiff on our site.

Interested in Advertising your Boat? Let us help.

If you are a boat broker and need to find a reputable site to advertise your vessel, please contact Vessel Vendor. Vessel Vendor’s site is for boat owners, aspiring boat owners, and boat enthusiasts. Our site is growing in popularity with new clients and brokers daily. To see how and why you should advertise with us, we encourage you to browse our website. Look to see the brand reviews, boat reviews, and location pages.

Once you have reviewed our site, please contact Vessel Vendor directly to talk about the listing options available for all your vessels. Remember, the more exposure and the more targeted your marketing strategy, the quicker your sale of the vessel will be and the higher your commission will be as a result. While we cannot guarantee the rate of sale or the price (as you set the price) we can state that the advertisement will be seen, that it will be categorized for the location in which it will be sold (being the physical location, the brand, and the make) and that you will have your vessel represented by people who are adamant about boats.

Contact us today by filling out the appropriate form on the site. We’d love to hear from you.

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