Why Boat Lenders Should Advertise on Vessel Vendor

Secure loans from those who are boat enthusiasts

As a boat lender, your target audience are those individuals who wish to have a new or a pre-owned vessel but lack the capital to obtain it. The problem that arises for many boat lenders is that they have to either diversify themselves over several sites, distributors, and banks, or the bank lender finds that the clients which they attract are not ideal or qualified for a boat loan. Vessel Vendor can help to reduce the stress of chasing down leads, securing clients, and maximize your fiscal return.

Diversified clientele in one place

Because the economy and the market trends shift, and because the vessels which are popular one day may not do well in the months to follow, Vessel Vendor offers an array of boats. Bowrider, bay boats, sailboats, center consoles, cuddy cabins, 12 foot skiffs, Bordeaux 60s, Pilothouse Motor luxury Yachts, and more are offered on our site. The purpose of such diversity it to allow for the buyer, seller, and lender to always have an option for investment. Should one market slump, lenders can still maximize their clientele by focusing on a different demographic, all without leaving Vessel Vendor.

Securing Clients

When boats are purchased outside of a boating site, the individual is apt to seek a personal loan at a financial institution or to gain the capital from working directly with a bank. Typically, in such cases a boat lender is not considered an option, mainly because the person does not know that there is such thing as a boat lender. This misconception that the banks and the banks alone can finance the purchase of a craft minimizes the chances of a boat lender gaining and securing leads. However, when a boat lender advertises with Vessel Vendor, that lender is gaining the upper hand in the financing.

Since Vessel Vendor is solely based on the sale and the transference of marine vessels from one owner to the other, and since our site is dedicated to a diverse variety of craft, persons who are interested in purchasing such craft are more apt to look at the financing options on our site then to search the internet for special financing options, especially when the option to talk to a boat lender is presented when they inquire more about the potential sale of the vessel.

Apart from the exposure of the boat lender to the selected audience, the boat lender reduces the amount of superfluous inquires when working with Vessel Vendor. As the site is oriented to boat sales, the boat lenders are more prone to have inquires from individuals who have an actual interest in purchasing the boat, and not inquires from those who see a picture of a yacht or Hydra-Sport Luxury craft and wish to see what the payments would be on their dreamboat.

Maximizing your fiscal return

Like any successful business, bank lenders have to consider the ROI. When advertising online, the ROI must make sense in order for the bank lender to gain fiscal returns. Consider the allocation of funds to a non-boat oriented site. The individual may or may not use the call to action button. The advertisement may be clicked by persons who have no interest in purchasing a vessel, yet you will still have to pay for that click. Additionally, when allocating funds to sites which are not location based (meaning those sites which sever a global market), there is no guarantee that your services will be offered to potential clients who can take advantage of your lending. For example, if you have a Google Ads advertisement which is placed within a popular social network, if the parameters are not set just right, you could be offering boat lending services to individuals in China instead of Florida.

Our site is location based, target marketing at its best. Your advertisement is targeted to individuals who (a) have an interest in purchasing a boat and have the capital to do so (b) are in the location in which you work and lend, and (c) meet certain criteria so that contact with you, the bank broker, can be made. Our process of advertising reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to secure clientele, maximizes your target audience, and as a result produces a higher ROI.

Reducing the documentation

If you are a private boat lending service, then you know how frustrating it can be to have several people/organization involved with the lending process. Documentation and percentages of the commission are divided until there is little profit to be made from the loan. While the inner workings of your business and lending processes are your own, Vessel Vendors does provide you with the means of reducing the documentation and middle man by connecting boat lenders directly with potential clients.

Are you ready to advertise with Vessel Vendor?

If you are a bank lender and wish to advertise with Vessel Vendor, we would love to hear from you. Please use the site to fill out the proper forms, and we will get back to you with information on which advertisement option will best suit you.