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Built for Maximum Speed and Performance

The best and most high performance yachts and boats on the market today have one thing in common, high capacity engines powering them through the waters at speeds of truly epic proportions. The Seven Marine Motor brand is a high performance engine company and they have been used in some of the most exclusive yachts on the market today. Their commitment to pure speed and the utmost quality is what sets this boat engine brand apart from all others. These are not the type of engines that you will want to have if you intend on saving money on fuel costs. They are on the higher end of the price spectrum and are not known for their fuel efficiency, but if speed is what you are after, this is the motor brand to trust.

The Beginning

The outboard engine has always held its own limitations. Companies have worked diligently to maximize the overall horsepower of these motors, but have only achieved so much. It was not until the 2011 February boat show in Miami, that the Seven Marine 557 made its appearance onto the marine engine market. The models at this particular boat show were simply prototypes, but when the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show arrived that same year, the company had placed seven marine engines on a 37’ Intrepid. This motor had impressive features such as 557 HP from a single engine.

The Seven Marine 557 engine began to appear on many different brands of boats of all sizes. The single configuration may have started it all for Seven Marine, but today, people have the option of having up to 5 of these impressive engines to power their vessels to high speeds. The Seven Marine 557 motor is an 8 cylinder, V-drive engine with power assist steering control and electronic throttle control. Even with all of the expert power placed into these powerful engines, the motor runs on the standard 87 octane fuel.

Things to Know

The power and performance that backs the Seven Marine brand is impressive enough, but there are some things that a buyer must keep in mind when choosing to purchase a Seven Marine outboard motor. These engines are not light as a feather. Each one weighs 1,045 lbs., so they will add a considerable amount of weight to the boat/yacht. The weight of the engine is not the only thing to consider. The size of the motors are quite a bit larger than the average boat motor they are used to. Where most outboards tend to keep the leg thin to avoid drag. Seven Marine has chosen to increase the width of the leg to allow for maximum torque to the engine. It does not help with the drag of the vessel, but with the highly impressive speeds of the motor, the drag issue is not really a problem.


The Seven Marine brand is most often seen on some of the luxury center consoles around the Florida area. For example, Seven Marine engines are commonly used to power the HydraSports 53 Suenos boats for sale. The reason for this is their high cost. It is not surprising that the 557 and comparable models are so expensive as they really do deliver the maximum amount of horsepower to the vessel. The downside to such horsepower is the fact that the engines also use up to 30% more fuel than the standard outboard. Those that can afford the luxury models tend not to be concerned with the cost of fuel. The cost of the motor however is something to be concerned with. On average a Seven Marine 557 base motor can cost upwards of $90,000. It is easy to see that with such a high price point that the brand does lean toward the luxury boater sector. You can also imaging how much it would cost to outfit a boat/yacht with up to five of these high powered engines.

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