• NauticStar 244 XTS

    NauticStar 244 XTS A High Performance Bay Boat Bay boats have become some of the top selling boats for coastal regions throughout Florida. These vessels provide optimal fishability on a smaller platform and glide seamlessly... Continue reading

  • Azimut 72

    Azimut 72 Italian Luxury at its Finest Since 1969, Italian based Azimut Yacht company has been in the business of producing some of the most exceptionally designed yachts on the market. The company brings both... Continue reading

  • Oyster 675

    Oyster 675 Sail the World in Exceptional Style Sailing is a graceful way to travel and more boaters are utilizing this traditional form of ocean transport for themselves. The design quality of the chosen vessel... Continue reading

  • Fairline Targa 48 GT

    Fairline Targa 48 GT A Dream Come True Expert craftsmanship and well thought out design is what sets a Fairline Yacht apart from other brands. It is their attention to the smallest detail for every... Continue reading

  • Azimut S7

    Azimut S7 A Look at Price and Fuel Consumption Azimut is known for producing some amazingly impressive yachts and for the 2018 season, they have not disappointed their audience. This year Azumut has introduced an... Continue reading

  • Viking Open Bridge Convertible 92

    Viking Open Bridge Convertible 92 Large and In Charge Viking has been a leader in the sportfishing industry for many years and they are always looking to push the envelope of what can be done... Continue reading

  • Ferretti 960

    Ferretti 960 Ultimate Luxury Never Looked So Good Yachting is the ideal way to escape the high stresses of daily life among the top yacht designers worldwide is Ferretti. This company knows what it takes... Continue reading

  • Regal 42 Sport Coupe

    Regal 42 Sport Coupe Taking Yachting to a Fun and Exciting New Level A yacht is something to be cherished and enjoyed, but if your yacht is not exactly fitting with your needs, the experience... Continue reading

  • Sea Vee 340Z Center Console

    Sea Vee 340Z Center Console Ideal Fishability for All Occasions It is no secret that the center console is the most popular fishing vessel in Florida, but just any of these boats is not adequate... Continue reading

  • Wellcraft 182 Fisherman

    Wellcraft 182 Fisherman Family Fun and Fishing in One Boat Some boat manufacturers tend to place so much emphasis on one boating activity and leave other aspects out of a design. Wellcraft understands the need... Continue reading