SeaHunt Boat Reviews

The importance of reading reviews for Sea Hunt Boats

See hard boat company is different from see hunter but both are oriented to fishing boats.  Sea Hunt was started in 1990 by with the goal to make affordable boats and to make them well. Started in South Carolina the boat company has expanded to be known globally as a manufacturer of saltwater vessels. Here are a few things that you should know about the Sea Hunt brand.

Fiberglass constructed boats

Sea Hunt boats are designed from fiberglass. The company is the fastest growing boat manufacturer of this kind. In order to keep the cost of manufacturing low, the company does use molds. However, this is not a compromise to the design and the build. Countless hours are spent on ensuring that the Sea Hunt hulls are constructed to industry standards. According to the company 8 to 9 boats are produced by the company daily. Again, this is due to the molds as well as to the fiberglass construction method.

No wood

The Sea Hunt boats are not constructed with wood. No wood is on the boat, even on the transom. A variety of durable material is used on the beams and the structural components of the boat. Each boat is inspected by the owner of the company to ensure that it is to the standards of the company. It was explained that the decision not to use wood is to keep the costs low, to maximize the durability of the boat, and to maintain industry standards.


Sea Hunt boats are divided into five main categories. These are the Gamefish, Bay Boats, Ultra Series, Tritons, and Escape series. The specific models are as follows:

  • Gamefish 25
  • Gamefish 27
  • Gamefish 27 with coffin box
  • Gamefish 30
  • Gamefish 30 with forward seating
  • BX 20 BR
  • BX 22 BR
  • BX 25 BR
  • BX 25 FS
  • Ultra 196
  • Ultra 211
  • Ultra 225
  • Ultra 234
  • Ultra 235 SE
  • Ultra 255 SE
  • Triton 188
  • Triton 210
  • Triton 225
  • Escape 211 LE
  • Escape 235 SE

There are a few boats which are no longer carried by the company but may be offered in a pre-owned selection. These boats are:

  • RZR 24
  • RZR 22
  • Ultra 186
  • Edge 24
  • Ultra 232
  • Ultra 210
  • Gamefish 26
  • Gamefish 22
  • Gamefish 29
  • Triton 240
  • Triton 220
  • Triton 186
  • Triton 207
  • Triton 202
  • Triton 117
  • Super Skiff 21
  • Skiff 19
  • Skiff 21
  • Skiff 21 BR
  • Escape 250
  • Escape 186 LE
  • Escape 188
  • Escape 234 LE
  • Bay Boat XP 21
  • XP 19
  • The BX Pro
  • BX 22 Pro
  • BX 24
  • BX 24 BR
  • Victory 245
  • Victory 225

As you can see the list of discontinued boats is rather expansive, and so you are very apt to find boat listers who have upgraded to a newer model offering these boats. It is not that there is anything wrong with the construction or the functionality of the models, but rather that the demand on the market for the skiffs and for the Victory, for example, was not enough to validate continuation of production. When looking at the older models of Sea Hunt, it is strongly recommended that you ask about the engine configuration and if there has been post production additions/replacements to the engines. Since these are older vessels, it is likely that the engines have been serviced or replaced and may, therefore, be under a transferable manufacturer’s warranty.

Where is the best water to operate a Sea Hunt?

Sea Hunt boats are best operated in inshore waters as the length of the boats are not adequate enough to handle the adverse conditions which offshore fishing may incur. The larger Sea Hunt boats are only 29’ which is still considered rather small in comparison to some of the other angler boats on the market.

Sea Hunt boats, especially the skiffs and the smaller vessels are ideal for freshwater fishing. These are outboard boats. You should check with your local boating authority on the HP and regulations for freshwater boat operations.

Where can you find Sea Hunt boats for sale?

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