Azimut Flybridge Yachts

Purchasing Amizut Flybridge Yachts for sale

Flybridge yachts are known for having multiple levels and, usually, an open cockpit with a hard windshield wrapping around it. When it comes to yachts, the design of the flybridge varies greatly. Some boats have the sides taper down where others prefer to have the completely open design. Azimut opts for the traditional standing flybridge design allowing the captain to have a clearer view of the water and easier navigation. Azimut yachts offers the most diversity in their fleet than any other yacht company, says their site. If you are seeking a yacht for sale and love an elegant and luxurious flybridge, the Azimut Flybridge Collection may be for you.

The Collection

Within the Flybridge Collection there are 8 Azimut yacht models. These models are:

  • Azimut 42
  • Azimut 50
  • Azimut 50 Galley Up
  • Azimut 55
  • Azimut 60
  • Azimut 66
  • Azimut 72
  • Azimut 80

Out of this selection the Azimut 55 is a new model for 2018. The Azimut 55 Flybridge has a distinctive Italian aesthetic to the design. The Flybridge has the hardtop design but the opening on the hardtop which is common with some flybridges. On the Flybridge deck, you also have the extended space overlooking the transom. This space creates a shaded sitting/leisure area on the main transom. As with most of the yachts in the Azimut fleet, the main captain’s bridge has arched windows to add to the aerodynamic look and feel of the Azimut Flybridge yachts for sale.

Other common features

Other common features that you will find with Azimut Flybridge yachts are the designs of the high gunwales, the ribbed hull, a tri-level design to the overall hull. This feature means that you have a definitive ribbed/stepped hull design, then you have a sleek level where the fiberglass accents the cabin. This is also the space where the custom windows are ingrafted into the design. Whether those windows are the circular, traditional yacht windows, or the multi hexagonal windows is up to the purchaser. Finally, you have the top ridge of the hull which varies in design per the gunwale and the style of the Azimut Flybridge yacht that you choose to purchase.

When it comes to the interior, there is no real common feature as the space is generally customized by the yacht buyer. However, it is common to find real wood flooring, white leather furniture, and top of the line navigation and electronics. All of the Azimut Flybridge yachts use the Volvo navigation system and twin to trip motor configuration. This gives the boats the ability to (at minimum) reach speeds of 31 kn.

The Azimut Flybridge yachts for sale all allow for at least 3 persons to be housed in the cabin space. Of course, the larger the boat the more space the cabin allows. Heat room for the cabins tends to exceed 6’.

Where are you apt to see an Azimut Flybridge Yacht?

Azimut yachts are created in Italy. However, Azimut Flybridge yachts are common in the United States. For the most part, the Florida Keys as well as Florida coastal cities will have Azimut yachts. You might be able to find these yachts at an international boat show, where you can view multiple Azimut yacht models for sale at one location.

Finding Azimut Flybridge Yachts for sale

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