Azimut Magellano

Italian Craftsmanship at its Best

Yachts can be found in the farthest reaches of the globe, but depending on where they are manufactured will tell the level of quality you are going to get. Azimut is among the oldest yacht producers and has proven to produce exceptional models year after year as many of the current models have been voted number one in their individual classes. The Azimut Magellano Yacht models are among their most profitable style and these yachts come in four different models to choose from.

Azimut 43

Even though the Azimut 43 Magellano is the smallest in the fleet, it is no less impressive. The same remarkable Italian design that goes into the larger yachts by Azimut is evident even within the Azimiut 43 Magellano with its 44’ 9” length and expansive 14’ 5” beam. This Azimut yacht maintains the capacity to house either two or three full staterooms with the option of either 4 or 5 berths, full size and single, and also maintains plenty of space below deck for two full head compartments. All of this is able to be customized to the individual specifications of the customer. Power and performance is also a part of the package with 2 355 mHP Cummins QSB 6.7 engines. With a fuel capacity of 1,680 gallons and a water capacity of 600 gallons, the 43 can take you as far as you and your family want to go.

Azimut 53

Versatility is the key to any good yacht design and the Azimut Magellano 53 has been designed to maximize versatility. The interior sleeping space allows for either 3 or 4 staterooms with 6 to 7 berth capacity and two full head compartments. In addition, the yacht allows for crew accommodations in the rear of the vessel with two bunks and an additional head compartment. The length of this Azimut Magellano yacht is 55’ 5” with a beam of 15’ 5” and it is powered by twin 500 mHP Cummins QSB 8.3 engines, so this yacht has thee capacity to take you and your guests anywhere in the world you want to be in supreme luxury accommodations.

Azimut 66

With the Azimut 66 Magellano, owners are able to take advantage of much more space and even the potential for considerably more capabilities. The 66’ 1” length and 17’ 10” beam of powerful yacht space is pushed effortlessly through the water with twin 800 mHP Volvo D13 Engines and your guests will enjoy the ability to stretch out and enjoy the sun on the multiple sun deck and alfresco dining areas onboard the yacht. Below deck, houses space for up to 4 staterooms, with a max of 8 berths and three full head compartments. The addition of the two crew cabin with their very own head compartment works to maximize the overall usability of the space.

Azimut 76

A yacht as large as the 80’ 1” Azimut 76 Magellano yacht requires a lot of maintenance to keep it running at an optimal level. Luckily, the designers of this yacht have thought to include ample crew quarters for up to three crew members tucked neatly into the rear portion of the vessel. That enables you and your guests to get the most from any excursion to enjoy the sun and fun at exotic locations throughout the world. With a fuel capacity of 1981 gallons and a water capacity of 369 gallons, getting away and staying at sea for extended periods of time is very easy. The twin 1000 mHP MAN V8 engines power the vessel to every port easily and quietly due to the advanced quieting technology surrounding the engine room. The deck is expansive and offers a range of different seating option and every aspect of the vessel is completely customizable as Azimut works to give each individual owner the exact yacht they want in every way.

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