About Baja Boats

Operating since 1971, Baja Marine are a boating manufacturer pushing the limits of performance boating forward with each new model they present on the market. Praising themselves for delivering out of the box boating decision, Baja offers some of the best performance boats on the market and are winners of multiple boating awards. When searching for Baja Boats for sale, you will also find out that their most popular line is the Outlaw, which is often used in powerboating tournaments and more.

Baja Boats History

Baja Marine are a boating manufacturer with over thirty years of history. Founded in 1971, the company first debuted its boats presenting unique nontraditional designs and the manufacturer continues to push the limits of the boating industry forward today. The boating brand became even more popular in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s with the release of two of their most popular boats in the face of the 20 Outlaw and the 32 Outlaw, when they became a true staple in the boating industry. Baja Marine came under new ownership in 2012, but the main aim of the company to deliver some of the best high performance boats on the market hasn’t changed.

Baja Boats Design and Innovation

Baja are a truly popular boating manufacturer for their unique design options and innovation that truly pushes the limits of the boating industry. In fact, alongside a number of other manufacturers, Baja have managed to truly shape the high performance boating industry as we know it today. Overall, Baja boats are recognized for their high performance and ability to implement comfort in their boats as well as their innovation. Some of the staples of the Baja brands are their unique hull designs and the high quality level of engineering and production of their boats. Overall, Baja Marine are one of the most innovative brands in powerboating and they definitely deliver some of the best high performance boats the boating industry has to offer today.

Most Popular Baja Boats for Sale

When searching for the best Baja boats for sale on the market, you will definitely come across their most popular line the Outlaw. Shaping the high performance boating industry we know and love today, the Outlaw are recognized to be some of the best high performance boats on the market and have won multiple boating awards. They are also the prime choice of most powerboating enthusiasts.

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