About Bayliner Boats

Bayliner are an infamous boating manufacturer providing versatile options for pleasure boaters. Considered to be the largest manufacturer of recreational boats in the world, Bayliner is also one of the oldest still operational manufacturers. Operating under the Brunswick company, which holds a number of infamous boat brands under their wing, including Boston Whaler, Sea Ray, Lowe Boats, and more, Bayliner is a top choice for many boating enthusiasts who search for a classic boating experience mixed in with innovative design.

Bayliner Boats History

Bayliner has been established as early as 1957 by Orin Edson. Bayliner has been part of the boating world for over seventy years, making it one of the oldest still operational boating manufacturer. While the brand did operate a sailboat division aimed at delivering great Yacht options between 1970 and 1979, the division was later sold off and continued to run its business independently until the mid-1980s. After being acquired by Brunswick in 1986, Bayliner joined one of the biggest parent boating companies in the world. Today, Bayliner works with more than 400 dealers in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

Bayliner Boats Design and Innovation

Bayliner are known for delivering some of the best pleasure boating options on the market today. Helping shape the boating industry as we know it today, Bayliner has offered a number  of innovative choices and options throughout the years. Their current boat lines focus on delivering the best combination of a classic pleasure boating experience with amazing innovative design option and choice. Overall, Bayliners are a true staple in boating and their boats stand for having the three pillars of what makes a great boat, including performance, comfort and stability. The Bayliner boats are designed from professionals in the industry and are build at multiple places across the world. Most of their European boats are built in their Portugal plant, while the South American boats are build in a plant in Brazil.

Most Popular Bayliner Boats for Sale

When searching for the most popular Bayliner boats for sale you will be able to find a wide range of diverse boating options. Aimed at delivering the best pleasure boating choices, Bayliner offers runabouts, center consoles, deck boats, overnighters, wake sports boat and more. Among those, their VR Bowrider series is among the most popular, while their Element deck boat and Center console series is also relatively popular. Bayliner is also a relatively popular choice for newcomers to the boating industry with the 175 Bowrider being one of the most recommended boats for newcomer boating enthusiasts.

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