About Chris Craft Boats for Sale

142 years of boating craftsmanship

When looking out on a boat filled water, it is difficult not to see a Chris Craft boat. Apart from the definitive design, these boats have been around for quite a while, over 142 years, allowing the company to have quite a bit of quantity available. But it is not the fact that the company has been around since 10 years after the Civil War which makes them a top manufacturer of boats for sale. Nor is it the fact that Chris Craft boats were some of the first military crafts to arrive on the shores of Normandy, although this is impressive. Now, Chris Craft is coveted by boat enthusiasts because of the tradition and the craftsmanship which each boat receives. Here are a few facts which you should know about Chris Craft boats for sale.

A marine icon

If you have ever looked at a remote-controlled boat, then the odds are you have seen the iconic design of Chris Craft. The wooden planks and sides crafted into a sleek motor sportsman design is what the company is best known for. And while it is true that the more modernistic designs have a covered cabin, the open top vessels are the most notable. Dark wood and mahogany accented by white upholstery and polished steel railing yield a stark contrast amongst the white fiberglass powerboats and yachts populating the waterways today. It is a boat of power but also a boat of luxury. Perhaps that is why the Classic Cavalier has made its way into James Bond Films, and why celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra have owned them.

The year determines a great deal

As with any company, the Chris Craft boats have seen a substantial amount of company shifting and transitioning over the years. For the boater looking for the manufacturers boat for sale without any other company interaction, you would need to go back to before 1957. This does put the boat within the antique craft division and may not be ideal for those who wish to take their craft out on the water often.

Boats manufactured after 1957 could be a part Chris Craft Roamers, those after 1960 would be part of Chis-Craft Industries. It is the same company, but there are a few differences in the methodology of crafting their boats, most notable is the introduction of steel in the later models.

The transition of woods

The Chris Craft boats which most people associate with the brand are traditionally designed with mahogany wood. These models include the Deluxe Runabout, the Hydroplane, The Riviera, the cobra, Capri, and Racing Runabout. Modern Chris Craft boats are a combination of Walnut, sometimes mahogany, and fiberglass. Modern models include the Speedster, the Corsair, and The Catalina.

When looking at the manufacturers boats, it is important to look at the craftsmanship of the vessel. Although the company has switched hands and although there has been the engrafting of different materials, the boats are still high quality. Features such as the double stitched upholstery, deep v-bottoms, stern-drivers, perfectly aligned screw heads running down the rub rail, and custom designed bow lights, gauges, and windshield frames all add to the reputation for quality design.

General Appearance of the Modern Chris Craft

Chris Craft boats have a definitive look, regardless of the model which is being purchased. Generally, the boat is a combination of a speed vessel and the fisherman’s boat. This means that the hull tends to rest a bit low, that it is angular for speed. The Stern is usually open leading to the main cabin. Gunwales on the manufacturer’s boat for sale are steel constructed. On most decks, the plank wooded design will be present, with fiberglass seating port and starboard features as can be seen on models such as the 36’ Roamer.

Interiors of Chris Craft boats are designed for luxury and so cabinetry and seating will reflect this. Walls, cabinets, and decking are usually dark wood with light double stitched upholstery. Keep in mind that on custom made vessels the combination may differ.

Look for the emblem

Apart from the documentation, the best way to tell the age and worth of Chris Craft boats for sale is to look at the emblem. The propeller based emblem is for 1908, the 2-ship crest is associated with the 1930s, and the script text with the star is for modern crafts. Scripting which states Chris Smith & Sons boat company is the oldest and dates to 1874 (though if you find such a craft for sale the owner will undoubtedly have substantial proof of its heritage).

Sea Trial

Chris Craft offers Sea Trials on some of their boats. You do have to contact the company directly and list the model and the when you plan to purchase your next boat. Even if you are not planning on purchasing directly from the company, it is a good idea to seek this option. The manufacturer is always the best source of information. Additionally, such a trial provides you with a gauge on how the boat should look and run. In closing we highly suggest a sea trial before shopping Chris Craft boats for sale.