Intrepid Boat Models

The various boats offered by Intrepid

There are boat companies which build select models and call it a day, and then there are boat manufacturer’s which work one-on-one with the customer to ensure that they get the boat that they desire. Intrepid is one such company. True, the company has a selection of models (which will be briefly covered below), but they also customize these models with an array of options so that the powerboats they offer are optimized for the purchaser. Here are the current Intrepid boat models offered by Intrepid.

Intrepid 245

This model is the smallest of the Intrepid Boat Models. It is just over 25 feet, making it ideal to tote with a trailer. Its beam is 8’6  with a 6’2 head and changing room. The powerboat is a center console design. More room is allotted to the bow of the boat, however, with minimal room at the stern and transom. A single Mercury Engine can power the Intrepid 245.

Intrepid 300CC

Designed to be an on-board tender or to be a smaller craft for day to day activities, the Intrepid 300 CC is a center console boat capable of navigating the Gulf or the Atlantic. The boat is specifically designed for fishing, but can also be used for diving, swimming, and for water sports when properly equipped with add-ons.

Intrepid 327s

There are actually 3 models which fall under the Intrepid 327. There is the Intrepid 327CC Tournament which is a hardtop and more elaborate boat, the Intrepid 327 Center Console which is the more popular of the series and has the hardtop and angler features, and then there is the Intrepid 327 Cuddy which is more of the hobbyist and recreational craft. To compare the various Intrepid 327s please see the boat review pages.

Intrepid 375s

The Intrepid 375 models are offered in the center console and the walkaround configuration. Walkarounds also have higher gunwales and more of an enclosed design then the center console. Keep in mind that all Intrepid boats are built for speed as well as comfort, so even when you get the higher sitting hulls, you still have enough power for most waters.

Intrepid 400

A center console boat with an elongated hard top, the Intrepid 400 wax inspired by the huge free boards for stability and handling. The boat is designed for the angler but has a large leisure lounge. 15 storage compartments as well as rod lockers, rocket rod holders, in-floor insulated boxes and live wells make this a boat for the offshore fisherman. Fuel for the boat is 307 with a beam of 11’.

Intrepid 407

The Intrepid 407 Cuddy boat from Intrepid is a stylish vessel able to navigate in both the gulf as well as the Atlantic. The boat has elevated seating, a web bar, bait wells, tackle boxes and storage, and step and grab rails. Console on the boat is available with duel touch screens. LED lighted controls and hard, wrap around dashes are also available. The cuddy is designed for both luxury and for leisure with plush diamond seating as well as several amenities for overnight adventures.

410 Evolution

Intrepid offers the 41’3 inch high-end yacht as one of the three larger models from the manufacturer. Equipped with a cabin space filled with a queen mattress, cooktops, refrigerator and an electric cook top, the vessel definitely has the room for entertaining. The deck and the cockpit are also designed for luxury and comfort with features such as the electronic convertible sunroom.

430 Sport Yacht

Designed with power, speed, and luxury in mind the Intrepid 430 Sport Yacht has the cabin space and the amenities to allow for you to take the boat out into the waters for a week or more at a time. Standard Fuel on the Intrepid 430 Sport Yacht is 390 gallons with water at 100 Gallons. For such a long boat of 43’, the beam is a bit narrow measuring 12’8. However, this is not a negative for the sport yacht as the narrow beam allows for the triple Yamaha outboard engines to maximize the speed and fuel efficiency of the craft.

475 Models

For those which want to have the largest boats offered by Intrepid, the Intrepid 475 has two to choose from. There is the Intrepid Panacea and the Intrepid 475 Sport yacht. Like all of the boats made by Intrepid, these are designed for speed as well as for functionality. Both boats are considered to be in the luxury class of the models, not like the smaller boats which are considered to be in the powerboat genre. As such, the features and the add-on, especially for pre-owned vessels may be quite extensive.

Finding an intrepid boat for sale

Intrepid boat models are available for sale on Vessel Vendor. Vessel Vendor offers a diverse selection of the Intrepid boats from boat enthusiasts. Additional to the pre-owned selection that you will find, Vessel Vendor also offers an in-depth look at the Intrepid boat models listed above on our boat review pages. Should you have any questions about Intrepid or if you would like to know which Intrepid Boat Models are best for your location, please browse the site. Any additional questions can be posted to Vessel Vendor by filling out the appropriate form on the site.