The Intrepid Difference

What makes intrepid boats so desirable

When it comes to quality boats, one of the top boat manufacturer on the market is the Intrepid powerboats for sale. Seven Marine motors have coupled with Intrepid to deliver some of the most powerful and highest MPHs available. But it is not just the motors from Seven Marine that make these boats some of the most demanded vessels on the market. The boats themselves speak volumes to quality, control, and craftsmanship. Here is the Intrepid difference.

One on One custom builds

One of the benefits of working with Intrepid boats is that you have a one-on-one communication with those who are going to build the boat. Some competitive manufacturers will allow you to pick a boat and then add packages and features to get it “unique”. Yet, with the Intrepid boats for sale, the custom boats are really that, custom. The builders and the sellers talk to the company before the boat is designed so that you get the features and the design that best suits your personality, needs, and budget. Providing you the customer with the Intrepid difference that other boat manufacturers can not duplicate.

Built one at a time for quality

To ensure the quality of the boats which are provided by the Intrepid company, each is built with advanced composite construction methods. When combined with the customization levels and unique features available, the boats that are made are not just something new to the market, but something that is new to even the boats within the Intrepid family. Granted, you have a selection of boat models which is the base from which the customer begins the experience, but with the number of customizations, the one at a time building, and the advanced construction techniques, the result is a stiffer, faster, more fuel-efficient vessel. These factors go hand in hand to create the Intrepid difference.

As you wish…

Intrepid powerboats are not necessarily made for powerboating. Yes, you can have the supped-up engine, but this is only one aspect of the company. In truth, you could have a diving boat, a sport fishing boat, a yacht, or various other configurations. Their boats have even been customized for law enforcement and rescue purposes. It is advised that boat buyers who have a specific need and require a boat for a specific location review the location pages of Vessel Vendor to see the best motor configurations, hull, and type of boat for that area.

Similar Features

While there are custom features on the Intrepid boats, there are a few features which are similar among the selection offered. These features include a deep Vee hulls, hard tops over a center console layout, transoms with Mercury 4-Stroke Engines on the smaller models (the Cuddy for example) and Seven Marine engines on the Intrepid Yacht model, rod holders, and under deck storage. The Bows of the Intrepid models, typically, are designed to double as a casting deck.


Where the speed is not the only factor that makes Intrepid Powerboats different from other companies, it is a dominating contributor. The engine configurations on the models range from a single Mercury to a 4 engine Seven Marine Configuration. All the engines are designed to deliver the maximum HP for a particular boat without risking rolling and control loss (for example putting a 7 marine on a 245 would be a bit impractical and could compromise the stability of the vessel).

Where can you find an Intrepid?

As Intrepid boats are made one at a time, the company tends to have quite an extensive waiting list for custom builds. You may be able to find Intrepid boat models which have not been customized ready for sale. However, if you wish to purchase a boat which has been outfitted for Gulf or Atlantic offshore use, but you do not wish to wait for a new custom job or pay the custom price, then a pre-owned boat for sale from Vessel Vendor may be for you.

Vessel Vendor specializes in providing quality boats from boat enthusiasts looking to list their vessel on our platform. Our site provides not only a means of finding an Intrepid boat for sale, but also offers a variety of information to help a potential buyer make informed decisions about the best boat for purchase. Boat review pages, manufacturer review pages, location pages, and service pages all are intended to give more information to the boat seeker.

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