NorTech Catamarans

Ultimate Power and Control on Any Waterway

Boats can be found in every waterway throughout the world, but they are truly not all created equal. Some are made for the purpose of a leisurely afternoon on the water while others are perfect for fishing tournaments, but the true test of a boat is how it performs on the water. True performance is all about the build, the engines, and the features onboard that offer the boater the experience they desire. The NorTech Catamarans are the boats you have been waiting for full of strength, performance, and agility.


A boat is not a real boat without the power backing it and the NorTech Catamarans have power and performance where it counts. The twin or quad engine options enables the boat to seamlessly sail across the water outmatching all other boats in its path. There are two models to choose from within the Nortech Catamarans lineup. The small of the two is the NorTech 4000 Roadster with the larger being the NorTech 5200 Roadster. Both have excellent speed and agility while on the water. The Nortech 5200 is understandably a bit larger and therefore has need of more engine power, but both models come with the ability to customize the engine options for optimal use. Either turbine or gas engines are available to make your NorTech Catamaran all that you want it to be.

At the Helm

The helm is where all the action happens aboard the NorTech Catamarans and both the Nor-Tech 4000 and the Nor-Tech 5200 series deliver on the most important features. The helm is fully customizable with the ability to seat up to 10 people in the Nor-Tech 5200 and seven within the Nor-Tech 4000. Accessibility is key at the helm of a Nortech Catamaran and no expense was spared in this area. The helm features the ability to house up to three full sized navigation screens with steering capabilities able to be set up for either single or dual options.

Notable Features

Racing along in your new Nortech Catamaran is sure to give you the thrill of a lifetime, but it is not just a thrilling experience. The designers of the Nortech Catamarans engineered the vessel to not just be fast on the water, but convenient as well. Both models come equipped with a fully functioning head with shower, sink, and toilet. They also feature a full-sized berth to allow you to get away from the sun for a while and rest. With ample seating throughout you and your guests can enjoy the nautical experience you have been looking for all while remaining completely comfortable.

Spectacular Design

Seeing a roadster type speed boat crushing across the water is truly impressive, but something is often lost when the vessel does not feature a remarkably unique design. The Nortech Catamarans are truly marvels to behold while traveling across the top of the water, but designers of the vessel designed it with the art of attraction throughout. The clean lines of the Nortech Catamarans are sure to impress any new buyer, but it is the attention to the small details that make it so impressive.

Nortech Catamarans are designed to by eye-catching with luxury materials that allow for supreme comfort throughout the experience. The designers ensured that the pilot and copilot are completely comfortable while at the helm, but they did not forget about the need for comfort and accessibility in the rear portion of the vessel. No matter what seating configuration comes on your new Nortech Catamaran, aft facing video monitors allow for all to have a view of what is going on for ultimate comfort.

Wind Screen

The wind can become quite fierce when traveling at the top speed of the Nortech Catamaran series at around 126 MPH. In many high-speed vessels, it can become almost too much for the average boater, but the Nortech Catamarans are designed to offer the best experience possible, so even if the speedometer climbs to its max, you and your guests can remain in complete comfort with the wrap around wind screen. The wind is no longer an enemy when riding in one of these amazing and impressively designed speed boats.

Where are They Used

NorTech Catamarans are amazing boats for racing and sea excursions out with the family. These boats are most adapted to areas such as Panama City Beach and Daytona as those areas seem to be the most speed friendly. NorTech Catamarans may not be suitable for beaches with animal preserves due to local noise ordinances, but it is best to check with the local area you intend on taking the boat to before heading out for a day on the water.

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