About the Nortech Vee Boat Series

Everything you need to know about Nortech Vee Boats

Nor-Tech boats are known for being high performance vessels. Currently, the company offers center consoles, performance yachts, and catamarans, as well as the Vee Boats. If you ever wondered what the difference is between the NorTech Vee Boats and others on the market, this article is intended to expound upon the series.

The Hull Design

The Vee boat is a design which allows for the boats to cut through the water quicker. Nor-Tec’s Vee boat design are specifically engineered to have that bullet and tin design. It is NOT a deep V hull. Those used to a deep Vee may find that the Vee is a bit more difficult to steer than the Vee hull design. Nor-Tech Performance boats have a higher draft and wider beam to help minimize the risk for rolling.

Models available

There are six models available in the Vee Boat series from Nor-Tech. These models are the 320 MC, 360 MC Flyer, 422 Monte Carlo, 427,  477 SPX, and the 527. The 320 is oriented to more of a day sport vessel with a twin person helm. An integrated swim platform is available on the vessel. 360 MC flyer varies from the 360 in that it has more of the aesthetics of the roundabout, as well as a tri engine configuration, the Monte Carlo is designed as the large day boat with focus on wind protection and forward and art seating. A bit wider is the 427 Vee Bottom. The boat has the same performance platform as the 4000 Roadster. Additionally there is a GPS center and a larger screen on the console. On the 477 SPX, you get the size and the speed of the Nor-Tech, but you also get the dual steering and the longer bow/performance aesthetic that is associated with the sports vessel. And if you really wish to have a Vee Bottom that scoots across the water the 527 model may be for you. This is not a leisure vessel by any means. With the majority of the boat focused on that narrowing tapering V design, this nearly 52 foot model (measuring a LOA of 51’9”) is ideal for cruising in the keys.

Performance and Aesthetics

While NorTech Vee Boat Series boats for sale are oriented to providing power and performance, they are also catered to a more traditional aesthetic. When viewing the deck, one gets a sense of boats from a time past. However, this is combined with the fiberglass hull and modernistic design of the exterior. It is a merger which states class, power, luxury, and performance. Of course, you can amplify the boat to meet your personality through the various packaging available.

Know the waters for the Vee

Due to their size and their power, the NorTech Vee Boat Series is best suited for use offshore. It is not an angler boat, and so you do not have the space and cabin that you would have for the multi-day excursions. However, if you really want to open the engine up on the water, you will need to have space to do so. The tri to quad engine configurations on the Vee Boat series boats for sale are more idealistic in the Gulf and Keys, rather than the Atlantic as the waters tend to be a bit less apt to roll the vessel.  That being stated, you will want to be careful in some areas, specifically there the Atlantic and the Gulf meet as well as in some of the shallower waters of the Gulf.

Where can you find a NorTech Vee Boat Series for sale?

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Have you got questions about a particular model, such as the 527 Vee Bottom boat for sale? See the boat model review page for details. Other pages which may help you in deciding which Nor-Tech Vee Bottom Boat is right for you include the manufacturer review page and the location page (which offers information about the best boats available for your area).

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