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Sea Hunter boats are tournament style fishing boats which are specifically designed for deep water fishing. As such the models tend to range in the upper 30 foot to the 40 foot lengths. Sea Hunters is located in Princeton, Fl just south of Cutler Bay and west of Biscayne National Park. Manufacturing of SeaHunter boats for sale is done in a 46,000-square foot facility and is built from the ground up. The ideology behind the SeaHunter boats brand is to produce tournament quality fishing boats which exceed the customer’s expectations.

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There are several models available for the SeaHunter Brand. These models are:


The durability of SeaHunter Boats for sale

Sea Hunter posted a video testifying to the durability of their boats. In the video, they raise the Sea Hunter 35 footer 20 feet above the pavement via crane and dropped it. The manufacturer’s claimed that if they could drop the boat from such a distance and not crack then it would not sink. President, Plantation Boat Mart & Marina, Dennis De La Torre, stated that “Sea Hunter separates themselves from the rest of the competition through the construction of their boats”. Conclusively, the boat showed that it is built to last in any weather. Apart from dropping the boat with no cracks in the hull, the company also sawed the boat in half. They then took the half of the boat, put it on the water, and sailed it without a problem. It is a boat that will not sink.


SeaHunter boats for sale are made in accordance to the National Marine Manufacturer Association standards. The boats are built using a blend of aerospace technology and innovations as well as new boating engineering. Recently, SeaHunter introduced VALT technology. VALT stands for Vacuum Assisted Lamination technology. The intention of this technology is to bond with DuPont Kevlar to create an even stronger hull for the boat. Hulls are through bolted, so there is a bit of concern to there. However, as can be seen with a ½ a boat cruising the Atlantic, leaking is not an issue.

Intent of use

While it may be fun to watch boat drops and such, it really does not tell you the intent for the vessel. The company claims that their boats are for tournament level fishing. Due to the design and the durability, the boats are more functional for the deep waters than the coast, confirming the companies target market. Additionally, the fact that there are only two models which are offered lower than 30’ (those being the SeaHunter 28 Floridian and the SeaHunter 24 Bay, both of which can be used for inshore and offshore performance), but there are 8 models exceeding this length, it can be concluded that the intent is for the offshore avid fisherman/woman. Considering the construction of the boats, the large deck area, fish storage bins, rod holders, and the triple to quad engines, the SeaHunter Tournament fleet is designed for those which will be in rougher waters.

Fish Ready

One of the claims of SeaHunter boats for sale is that they are fishing ready. This means that you have the storage, the bait boxes, and the rod holders all there and ready to go. All you really need to bring is your rods. Most of the boats have 360 rod holders, so much that it may be seen as overkill to those who are not tournament fishermen/women. The transom space does have additional storage disguised as a seating area. With all the SeaHunter boats for sale, you will find the bows to have ample decking for deep sea fishing. Most do not have a bevel, as other boats do, to allow for safer footing, but again this varies depending upon the model selected.


Where there are a few variations, depending on the model, the consoles on the Sea Hunter have two screens and a helm at the very center of the cabin. The controls are split, which may be a bit offsetting to those who prefer everything in one place. However, you may have the option of some customization depending on the model.

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SeaHunter boats for sale are offered through the manufacturer new. Those who are seeking a pre-owned boat should browse the Vessel Vendor website as we have a large selection of pre-owned vessels. If you are interested in learning more about a specific boat brand, please see our boat review section. Should you have further inquires, contact Vessel Vendors directly.

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