About Sun Tracker Boats

Boats built for fun and family

If you are a Bass Pro fan, then you have probably seen a tracker boat. Sun Tracker boats beginnings are with the company and date back to 1972, though the Sun Tracker boats have not been around since the early 80s. Sun Tracker, or Tracker boats as it is commonly referred to boasts of being a family-friendly boat manufacturing brand. Their models are intended for the leisure and cruising crowd, as well as those which want to participate in some minor water sports. The company does offer fishing pontoon boats, but it should be understood that these are more for leisure fishing than for the avid fishman/woman, as no model exceeds 27 feet (most are less than 25). That being stated, those looking for an economical solution to boating with a brand that has been established for 30+ years may want to look more in-depth at the Sun Tracker boats for sale.

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