Center Consoles Boats for Sale

Versatility at its Best

Throughout Florida, boaters will notice a trend for the vessels in the area. Although there are several styles to choose from, the dominate design is the center console. These boats are relatively simplistic in design with the main helm located in the middle of the boat, but the advantages of this configuration are many. Those seeking center console boats for sale will have many options to choose from due to its popularity, but here are some things to consider.

Distinct Quality

There are many reasons why the center console has become so popular among anglers and leisure boaters alike, but one aspect that stands out among all other features is the versatility of the boats. Orientation of the helm in the middle of the vessel means that the boat can be used as a fishing vessel providing 360 degree fishability for anglers and their guests. Fishability is maximized by the ability to house multiple fish boxes in either the seats, transom, or deck along with live bait wells and updated tackle stations.

Leisure boaters will enjoy the multiple seating configurations for the vessels along with the ability to house options such as summer kitchens, table inserts, and full head compartments on the larger vessels. To add to the versatility of center consoles, manufacturers have begun integrating full cabins complete with full size berths and storage into the boats in addition to the available head.

Engine Options

Center consoles are powered by outboard engines. Outboard engine options include single all the way up to quint engines with speeds up to 90mph on some of the more performance driven models. Engine options and horsepower can be limited by the length of the boat, but with LOAs ranging from 13’ to 50’, it is easy to find the perfect configuration and length for the needs of any avid boater.

About the Top

Tops for the center console come in two varieties. Most commonly, the top will be the hard T-top variety. This option provides maximum protection from the sun and elements for both the guests as well as the electrical components of the helm. Hardtops can last for the life of the boat with proper maintenance.

Some models maintain a canvas top option. These tops can come in a range of colors, adding personality to the vessel and are much cheaper than the hardtop, but there are downsides as well. After a few seasons of use, canvas tops can crack from the weather and without proper storage may only last for a few seasons.

Center Console Brands

Basic structure of a center console boat for sale will remain constant across most brands, but there are some distinct differences depending on the brand. Some brands are marketed toward the higher end buyer and feature luxury options for the interior while others focus more on a utilitarian style.

Prices for center console boats for sale start at around $30,000 and because most of the options will not change from one season to the next, great deals on high-end center consoles are found on the pre-owned market. Always make Vessel Vendor your first stop when shopping for any style of boat to maximize your overall value.

Looking for Center Console Boats for Sale?

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