Best Center Console Boats for Rough Water

The best center console boats for offshore waters

Offshore boating adventurers tend to face one of two problems when out on the seas. The first issue is that the hull is not designed for winds and variations in water depth. Secondly, many outboards do not have substantial enough power to navigate rough waters safely and efficiently. For those who wish to use the best center console boats in rough water should consider the following.

SeaHunter 45

If you are familiar with the SeaHunter brand, then you will note that the SeaHunter 45 Center Console is the biggest of the tournament boats that they have offered yet. The boat focuses on the power as well as the stability for Atlantic angling. Equipped with a quad configuration of 350s, the SeaHunter 45 center console can reach speeds up to 60 MPH. But the power is only one aspect of the design, the SeaHunter 45 also has a sharp 60 degree and 24.5-degree aft deadrise. Combined with the power, as well as the oversized chines, the boat has smooth handling and easy adjustments to handle the rough waters.

Sea Vee 39B

Those who wish to have a variety of engine configurations may wish to look at the Sea Vee. The Limited Edition of the SeaVee 39B tops out at around 70 Mph with a max range of around 600 nautical miles. This does change depending on the engine configuration that you choose. Fuel capacity is close to 540 gallons. Power options for the SeaVee 39B are the triple 350, Quad 300hp, Quad 350hp. The top speeds of these three configurations range from 60-70mph. Both Mercury and Yamaha engines are available.

The SeaVee 39B Center Console is specifically designed for the fisherman. Several features are integrated not only in the power and steering of the center console, making it one of the best center console boats for rough water, but several interior features, such as the rod holders, the live wells, and even the hard-top play into the overall experience.

Invincible 42

With a Deep Vee design that cuts through rough waters easily, the Invincible 42 is one of the best center console boats for rough water. Angler features on the Invincible 42 include a center bait station, which backs to the bench style captain’s chair. The station is equipped with several rod holders as well as a pullout cooler that converts over to a seating area. Fold down transom seating gives the vessel the passenger space, but at the same time optimizes the stern for fishability.

Power for the invincible 42 center console is either triple or quad outboard engines. Engines are capable of top speeds of 65MPH or greater. Quad engines add a bit more speed to the boat.

Freeman 37

One of the key aspects of the Freeman 37 which make it one of the best center consoles for rough waters, is that it takes on a design and features which are not common to the boating industry. Firstly, if you look at the bow of the boat, you will see that there is a squared-off nose. The base of the bow still comes to the icon point, but the passenger’s side of the bow has that wider design to allow the space to be used as a casting area.

Deep sides, as well as a non-slippage coating on the deck, allows for the peak of enjoyment, stability, functionality, and comfort. With a 44” by 19” dash for visibility and easy controls, owners of the Freeman 37 will find ideal for offshore trips. Power on the Freeman 37 comes from the standard Tri-outboard Yamaha engines.

Everglades 43

The 42’8” Everglades Center Console is the newest addition to the Everglades family. It is a combination of luxury and functionality. Equipped with a spacious cabin, plush seating and with built-in angler features, it is one of the best center consoles for rough water. Features include a 610 gal. fuel capacity, 1400 maximum HP from the quad outboards, wooden finishing and full galley design, as well as the gunwale storage and the multiple tower features.

Where can you find the best center consoles for rough waters

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