Top Center Console Boats

Everything you need to know about Top Center Console Boats prior to buying

If you are looking for a boat which is great for anglers and inshore activities, then the top console center boat may be an option for you. Notable by the hardtops which cut the horizon, these boats allow for a variety of features including T-Tops, fish lockers, casting decks, bait wells, as well as berths. It depends upon the brand that you choose when it comes to the extra features. However, the basic design of the top center console boats is the same. Here are a few things that you should know.

The floorplan for the top center console boats

Generally, the layout of the top center console boat is universal. To state that the console is exactly center is a bit of a misconception. In most instances, it is located a bit more to the bow of the boat allowing for more casting/seating on the stern. Where you will get the dead center console is on the smaller angler boats of 12 feet or so. The overall designs of these boats are walkaround, meaning that there is space on all sides for crew members to access the stern, bow, port, or Starboard.

Top center console boats are open fishing boats. This means that the boats can handle boat inshore as well as offshore waters. While the design allows for the fisherman to pursue larger fish and navigate rougher waters then perhaps the Sea Hunter, it is not designed for prolonged adventures (overnight) offshore.

Power Considerations

While you can find the smaller top console boats with a singular motor, in most cases you will need to have two or three motors on your craft. Mercury and Yamaha are the most popular of the motor brands. Consider the maintenance of these motors as well as the age of the motors on your top center console boat when purchasing a pre-owned top console vessel.


T-Tops on a Top Center Console Boat is the primary features which sets this boat from others. T-Tops come in a variety of sizes and colors. What you need to consider is the holder racks, the rocket rods, the Raise mounts, side mounts, as well as holding rails for the captain. Should you wish to have a canvas top for your boat, check that there are no tears in the seams, that the fasteners are taunt and that there is ample shade provided by the cover. Additionally, canvas and fold down tops should allow for quick and easy take down (as you will have to clean the material from time to time.

Regardless of whether you choose to have a top center console boat with a canvas or a hard T-Top cover, those seeking such need to be aware of the captain’s size, the beam of the boat, and inquire about the mounting of the T-Top if it is not standard on the boat being purchased.

Navigating with a Top Center Console Boat

While the top center console boat offers a bit more shade and comfort for the angler when out in the Gulf or the Oceans, it does have a bit of a navigational strain. Due to the weight which is being added to the boat, turns and navigation of the boat may be a bit cumbersome for those which are not used to such. The boats, typically, are fine to take sharp turns and navigate at high speeds. The engineers of the top center console boats have distributed the weight accordingly (hence the central location). Yet, for those who are not accustom to the pitching and to the drag caused by the larger T-Tops may want to ride with someone before making a purchase to get a feel for the navigation of these crafts.

Look for the standard, not the add-on

If you are an angler and seeking a top center console boat with a T-Top, then the best option is to look for a boat which has such standard. Certain Pro-Line boats have T-Tops with rocket rails and wrap around dashes, Hydra-Sport Custom Boats allow for speakers systems to be mounted to their vessels, and the Boston Whaler boats tend to extend rather far into the stern of the boat allowing shade for not just the captain but for crew members as well.

Where can you find specific information on Top Center Console boats?

Those seeking information on top Center Console boats and wish to know about a specific manufacturer, boat, or location are encouraged to browse the pages of Vessel Vendor. Vessel Vendor is a provider of not only quality pre-owned vessels, but also a source of information for boat enthusiasts. Should you have a top center console boat and wish to list your craft on the site, please use the appropriate form to contact Vessel Vendor.