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Even though sailing is the oldest form of oceanic travel, it has since been given a bit of competition. Powerboats now dominate the waters and although many still adhere to traditional sailboats, several boaters have turned to powerboats for their versatility and ease of use. If you are looking to get out on the seas without the typical maintenance of a sailboat, powerboats are the answer. Powerboats for sale can be found throughout Florida, but there are some things you will want to understand before purchasing a vessel.

Engine Options

Motors for classic powerboats are not strictly determined by a set order. Where the fuel options of diesel or gas has remained the same throughout the years, the options of motor style, configuration, and even location of engines have evolved with time.

Choice of inboard or outboard motors are options on most vessels. Where outboards can offer optimal maneuverability, inboards offer a clean aft deck and more of an updated look to the vessel. Outboards can be available anywhere between 1 and 5 motors depending on the horsepower needs of the vessel, but inboards typically are only available in single or twin configurations.

Where the stern drive engines have reigned supreme throughout the classic powerboat industry, new pod drive systems are quickly taking over. This style offers the same thrust and propulsion for maximum horsepower, but with the added degree of fuel efficiency that has not been achieved by traditional gas or diesel engine configurations.


Even though the classic powerboat for sale offer significantly less man power to speed the vessel through the water, there is always a need for maintenance. Classic powerboats require checks before each excursion for safety. These checks can include, but are certainly not limited to checking for clean filters, looking for cracks or chips in propellers, oil pressure within the system, and proper fuel for the journey.

When choosing to head out on the water with a powerboat, knowledge of the mpg will ensure that you never run out of fuel as well as a simple formula known as the 1/3 rule. Avid boaters maintain the proper fuel for the trip by utilizing 1/3 of the fuel for the trip out, 1/3 for the journey back, and 1/3 on reserve for emergencies.

Hull Design

Careful consideration for hull structure is important when choosing a classic powerboat. Hulls tend to be among deep V varieties with some exceptions to this format choosing a double hull configuration. The double hull design does offer a bit more stability, but the owner will have to give up significant space within the hull regarding interior cabin and storage space.

Deep V hulls offer the advantage of offering more headroom for any interior cabin as well as easily slicing through the water for fuel efficiency and maneuverability. For a bit of distinction between the standard hull designs, the Carolina Flare offers an updated look as well as a drier ride for the occupants.

Powerboat Brands

Classic powerboats can come in a range of LOAs and provide different features for their owners to enjoy. Options can include fishing features, luxurious interior accommodations, high end navigation equipment for the helm station, and so much more.

  • Century Boat
  • Chris Craft
  • Elco
  • Fay & Bowen
  • Gar Wood
  • Hutchinson Boat Works
  • Lyman
  • Riva
  • Shepherd Boats
  • Stanley Boat Works

Prices for Classic Powerboats range greatly depending on features and overall design, but some can cost $100,000+. Options are available on the pre-owned market and Vessel Vendor provides top-quality boats owners want at the prices they are willing to pay.

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