Multi-Hull Sailboats for Sale

More Stability for a Smoother Ride

Sailing is a beautiful way to see the world. It allows the users to enjoy one of the oldest forms of sea travel and experience an oceanic voyage at a slower pace than with the standard motorized boat. There are many styles of sailboats, one of the more popular being the multi-hull variety. Multi-hull sailboat design has a lot of advantages for the boater and to help you decide if the multi-hull option is right for you, here are some things to know.

What are Multi-Hull Sailboats

The name truly says it all with these vessels. They take the single Deep Vee hull structure of the standard vessel and duplicate that hull side-by-side, up to three hulls,to make a stable, yet functional sailing structure. Multi-hull sailboats with two hulls are known as catamarans and those with three are known as trimarans.


The costs of multi-hull sailboats will vary depending on your overall needs, but these vessels are often inexpensive to purchase compared the luxury cabin cruisers, miniature yachts, flybridges, and other such vessels used for leisure. Much of a boat’s cost comes from the motors installed on the vessel and since the motors on a multi-hull sailboat do not have to have the top horsepower rating, the motors are not nearly as costly as their high powered counterparts. The main costs that you will have to contend with for these vessels are maintenance on the hulls, having them repainted when necessary and upkeep on the sails throughout the life of the boat.

The large breadth of the multi-hull design can be somewhat problematic when docking. Many docks, marinas, and ports charge fees are based on how much space the vessel will take up. Due to the design, these boats can take up a lot of space.

Accommodations Onboard

The design of a multi-hull sailboat means that cabin space is limited, or in some cases non-existent. The staterooms (if part of the design) are quite smaller than a larger single hull sailboat design. The general layout allows for up to three bedrooms with two full head compartments. The living space is located between the hulls and to maintain the speed while underway, the living space is a bit shorter than with other vessels, so do not expect to have an overabundance of head space within the interior cabin area.

Most of the engines you will find will be Mercury and Yamaha. The HP can range from the 200-250HP and perhaps the 300HP. A 350Hp is available, but as this is a new addition to the outboard line, it will be rarer to find pre-owned multi-hull sailboats for sale with this motor configuration.


Speed for a multi-hull sailboat is efficient. The boats sit higher in the water than the standard single hull design and therefore does not have to push as much water out of the way.

The agility of the vessel comes from the engine configuration. Potential buyers often have the option of upgrading power. Multi-hull vessel maintains an engine on each of the hulls for maximum agility on any waterfront.

Multi-Hull Sailboat Brands

The brands available for multi hull sailboats offer a range of styles and accommodation types for the vessel. There are options for vessels without cabins for day use as well, so be sure to understand your overall needs for the boat before the final purchase.

  • 33rd Strike Group
  • ArrowCat
  • Carolina Cat Boats
  • Glacier Bay Cats
  • Lagoon
  • Leopard Catamarans
  • Livingston Boats
  • World Cat

Costs for the Multi-Hull Sailboat will depend on the LOA as well as the features required by the buyer, but owners can expect to pay over $80,000 for this style of boat with an onboard cabin. Pre-owned multi-hulls can offer the same, and even better, while maintaining value. Check with the lister about upgraded packaging, engine configurations, transferable engine warranties, and possible docking/trailering availability.

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