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Florida is unique in its geographic qualities as the peninsula is the only state which boarders on two major water masses. On the Eastern side of the state you have the Atlantic Ocean, while on the western side of the state you have the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, climatic areas are rather diverse when navigating the waters around Florida. As such, those who are shopping for boats for sale in Florida should know (a) what type of activity he or she will be conducting regularly and (b) what the waters in that area are best suited for in order to purchase the best boat for sale.

Fishing in the Gulf

Typically, the Gulf of Mexico and the cities which boarder the gulf are more popular for fishing. Cities such as Pensacola, Clearwater, Cape Coral, St.Petersburg, and Apalachicola are best equipped with larger boats 20 to 35 footers are ideal in this region. Keep in mind that the gulf does tend to see higher winds than other areas, and so having a top-heavy boat is not recommended.

Sandbars should not be too much of an issue when fishing in the gulf, but you do need to be aware that closer to the shores you are, the more apt you will be to find variations in the sand accumulation. Again, this is due to the high winds shifting the sands and waters a great deal. And as the gulf, according to the weatherchannel, sees at least 10 named storms, 4 hurricanes, and one major hurricane per year, the best boat would be one which would do well against high winds and very diverse depths. The best gulf brands include:

Out of the above listed brands, the Boston Whaler will be the more expensive boat to choose. It is not uncommon to have customizations on the Boston Whaler boats. They are considered to be a luxury fishing boat, so they are also a bit pricier than the other options.

Atlantic Deep Sea Fishing

Atlantic Deep sea fishing in this instance does not include the cities from Fort Pierce and below, as these are really more to fishing in the keys. Cities included in Atlantic Deep sea fishing would be Jacksonville Beach, Daytona Beach, South Patrick, Vero Beach, Sebastian, and those cities between. Fishing in this region would be best accomplished using:

Of course, the Atlantic is more apt for the sports Yacht and the luxury fishing boats. Long boats which ride a bit deeper are okay for the Atlantic coast, as the captain is not likely to hit sandbars or experience major depth variations. Most  of these sports yachts come with GPS and radar navigation allowing you to have a boat which is not only functional, but also one which can go out into deeper water without the fear of getting lost.

Cruising, the keys, and leisure boating

While you can cruise the ocean and the gulf in any area, most people would associate the lower part of Florida (apart from the major tourist towns along the side coasts) to be ideal for such. The Bahamas, key largo, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Leisure City are among the top cities for leisure boating. It is best that boats used for this purpose be large to accommodate multiple passengers, that they have dual functionality (meaning you can leisure, cruise, dive, or fish), and that the boat have a cabin to get away from the heat. Yes, a top can provide you some relief on a hot day, but you really want to have a good size cabin if you are going to do any serious cruising. Boats which are ideal for cruising and luxury include:

Key considerations for Florida Boats

Apart from knowing the region in which you are going to be boating as well as the key function of the boat, it is essential that you know the state. Those which are vacationing in Florida or those which wish to purchase a seasonal boat should consider the storage costs of the boat as well as the tank capacity and fuel costs. The larger the boat, the higher these expenses will be. Additionally, when purchasing a boat in Florida, the additives need to have special attention, specifically where it comes to storage, live bait boxes, and top/canopy space.

Should you have any questions about the best boat to buy for your area, go down to the nearest pier and spend the day looking at the boats. It will give you a better indicator as to what is popular and appropriate for your region.



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