Boats for Sale in Cape Coral

Cape Coral is relatively big city with a population of just above one hundred and fifty thousand residents found in the Lee County of Florida in the United States. Located near the southwest coastlines of the state, the city is a prime location for many boating enthusiasts. While there are a number of different boats for sale in Cape Coral, most notable are fishing boats, including anglers, bass boats, center consoles and more.

Cape Coral History and Information

Cape Coral is a relatively new city founded in 1957 and incorporated in 1970. A pre-planned community located in the Lee County of Florida, the city managed to grow to a population of just above one hundred fifty four thousand residents in 2010 and according to estimates, the city continues to grow and should be home to more than one hundred and eighty thousand individuals in 2015. The largest city in the area between Tampa and Miami, the city was master planned by real estate developers Leonard and Jack Rosen. For the development of the city and its infrastructure, the Gulf American Land Corporation was formed and houses, businesses and streets were paved and built, as well as canals were dug. The prime reason for the popularity of the pre-planned city is the unique and successful promotion, which is said to be better and bigger than any other promotion for a Florida development. In fact, the city was even named by Forbes as one of the top 25 cities in the country for a person to retire in. Today, the city continues to grow in population. What’s notable about Cape Coral is that it has the biggest infrastructure of canals, with more than 400 miles of them, making the city among the top canal integrated cities in the world. The canal system itself is so big that it managed to affect local ecology and tides, and some of the canals also have access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Best Boats for Sale in Cape Coral

When searching for boats for sale in Cape Coral, you shouldn’t be surprised to find a wide range of different boat types. Nevertheless, predominant in the area are fishing vessels, including caddies, center console boats, bass boats and more. Recreational sailing yachts and cruising yachts are also relatively popular, while bowriders and more thrilling recreational watersport boats are popular within the younger adults of the community.

Cape Coral Top Water Activities

The top water activity in Cape Coral is without a doubt recreational sailing and cruising. Even though there is a huge fishing community in the city, most residents prefer more recreational water activities. Recreational water sports are also relatively popular.

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