Boats for Sale in Delray Beach

Nicknamed the Village by the Sea, Delray Beach is a relatively small coastal city located in the Palm Beach County of Florida in the United States. When searching for boats for sale in Delray Beach you will primarily come across cruising and sailing yachts, motor yachts, houseboats, as well as sail boats, cuddies, fishing boats, power boats, water sport boats, and more.

Delray Beach History and Information

Delray Beach was first settled in the late nineteenth century after the construction of the Orange Grove House of Refuge was constructed. By 1894, the city had a large Black African-American community and a school was built. In the same year, an US Republican Congressman for Saginaw, Michigan, known as William S. Linton bought land west of the Orange Grove House of Refuge with the purpose to build a farming community. In the later years, Delray Beach would be known under the name of Linton. After further developments in the years, notably the moving of settlers of Bahamas and other worldwide settlers, Delray beach became the city we know today. The name of the city itself was changed in the beginning of the twentieth century, in 1901, after the Mexican-American War known as Battle of Moliono del Ray, with “Del Ray” meaning “of the king” from Spanish. Incorporated as a town in 1911, later in 1923 and was again reincorporated, but this time as a city in 1927. Some of the most notable recreational activities in the city include visiting the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, the Wakodahatchee Wetlands Park, the Surfing Museum and more. The city even has its own art district, known as The Pineapple Grove Arts District. Today, Delray Beach has a total population of just above sixty thousand people.

Best Boats for Sale in Delray Beach

When searching for the best boats for sale in Delray Beach, you will be able to find a lot of different and unique types of boats used for a variety of water activities. Some of the most popular boats in the area tend to be smaller sailing yachts and cruisers and houseboats are relatively popular as well. When it comes to fishing vessels, some of the most popular crafts in the area include cuddies, flybridges, bass boats, center console boats, all purpose fishing boats, and more. Due to the thriving boating industry in the city, you will also be able to find a wide range of more unique boats for sale in Delray Beach, including personal watercrafts, pontoonsjon boats, inflatables, jet boats, canoes, kayaks, and more.

Delray Beach Top Water Activities

Found right on the southeast coastline of Florida in the infamous Palm Beach County, Delray Beach is a place with a thriving boating community. While fishing, powersailing and watersports also tend to be popular in the area, the predominant activity enjoyed by most residents of the city and boating enthusiasts in the area seems to be recreational sailing and cruising and more.

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