Boats for Sale in Dunnellon

Dunnellon is an extremely small city found in the Marion County of Florida, home to just above seventeen hundred people. Part of the Ocala Metropolitan Statistical Area, the city is found in the southwestern border of the county, just a few miles off of the coastal lines of the state. When searching boats for sale in Dunnellon, chances are you will find a few different boat choices, as well as brand new boats, primarily from manufacturers found in the surrounding areas of the city.

Dunnellon History and Information

Dunnellon is an extremely small and cozy city, former home of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad depot. Found as early as 1887, the city quickly began its expanding as phosphate was found in the area. The expansion of the area continued up about the beginning of the twentieth century with the original mining operation being located around the formerly known as Blue Run, now Rainbow River. An interesting fact about the phosphate mining operation in Dunnellon is that the phosphate itself was transported via the natural flow of the river itself. The city is home to a high school and a notable tourist destination located near the borders of the city is Rainbow Springs State Park. The park itself is home to a wide variety of wildlife, plants and fish, letting visitors enjoy a wide range of different water activities.

Best Boats for Sale in Dunnellon

When searching for the best boats for sale in Dunnellon you will mainly find secondhand boats for sale from the owners, but will also be able to find listings for brand new boats from local manufacturers in Marion County and the surrounding area. The most popular boats in the area are primarily fishing boats, due to the nearby waterparks offering freshwater fishing to locals and tourists. While most enthusiasts tend to prefer bass boats, center consoles seem to be relatively more popular in the area. The boats for sale in Dunnellon in the area are primarily on the more affordable side on the spectrum, but there are enthusiasts who prefer more newer models. Some of the popular type of boats in the area include jon boatsbowriders, pontoons, inflatables, canoes, kayaks, and more.

Dunnellon Top Water Activities

One of the top water activities in Dunnellon without any doubt is fishing. The small town has more than a few fishing enthusiasts, primarily due to the city’s close location to The Rainbow River Springs Park. Nevertheless, there are also people who enjoy more versatile type of boats.

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