Boats for Sale in Leesburg

Leesburg is a city of a relatively moderate size found in the Lake County of Florida in the United States. With the motto of being the lakefront city, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Leesburg is located neighboring to multiple lakes. When searching for boats for sale in Leesburg you will primarily be able to find freshwater fishing vessels and smaller boats, but there are bigger boats and yachts, as well as houseboats, for sale in the area as well.

Leesburg History and Information

Found in the Lake County of FLorida, the city of Leesburg is of relatively moderate size with a population of just above fifteen thousand people. First settled in the early 1850s, the city was officially incorporated in 1857 and was the county seat of the Sumter County, until Lake County was officially formed in 1887. The center for watermelon production in the area in the twentieth century, Leesburg started hosting a Watermelon Festival, which was an annual tradition up until 1957. Important events for the growth of the city include the Venetian Gardens waterside park project, which started building in 1938 on the shores of Lake Harris. Another important landmark in the city popular among locals and tourists alike is the Lake Square Mall, which opened doors in 1980. Leesburg is also home to the annual Leesburg Bikefest, which started in 1997 and has grown into a spring tradition visited by more than 250,000 each year. Today, the city of Leesburg is experiencing a wide growth in the population, primarily due to the rapid growth to the nearby Orlando city.

Best Boats for Sale in Leesburg

When searching for the best boats for sale in Leesburg you will be able to find primarily freshwater fishing vessels. Part of the reason for this is the fact that the city is located around numerous lakes. Even though smaller yachts, houseboats and other boat types can also be found for sale in the area, smaller bowriders, center consoles and jet boats are the most popular boating options.

Leesburg Top Water Activities

The residents of Leesburg do tend to enjoy a range of different water activities. Even though watersports are popular both among the younger and the older generation, fishing does seem to be the most popular activity. Nevertheless, you will also be able to find enthusiasts of other water activities in the city as well.

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