Boats for Sale in Marathon Key

Found right in the middle of the Florida Keys area, Marathon Key is a town of a relatively moderate size, home to just above ten thousand residents. When searching for boats for sale in Marathon Key you will be able to find primarily fishing boats, due to the bustling fishing industry in the area, but there are also more than a few yachts, recreational sailboats and cruising vessels.

Marathon Key History and Information

Marathon Key is a city of a relatively moderate size found in the middle of the Florida Keys islands in the Monroe County of Florida in the United States. With a total population of just above ten thousand people, the city is considered to be a great tourist spot and as with other towns in the area, the city is a location often visited by fishing and boating enthusiasts. Marathon Key itself is found on multiple key islands, including Crawl Key, Grassy Key, Fat Deer Key, Key Vaca, Knight’s Key, Boot Key and Long Point Key. The town itself is relatively new and was incorporated as late as 1999 with the name dating to the origins of the Florida East Coast Railroad. The city itself is home to as much as four schools and fifteen churches. Nevertheless, the city is most popular for its bustling boating and fishing industry, with Marathon Key being one of the most popular fishing destinations of all of Florida Keys. A notable fact about the city is that Marathon Key is the home of the tallest buildings in the Florida Keys area, tallest of which is the Bonefish Tower found on Coco Plum, which is above 143 feet.

Best Boats for Sale in Marathon Key

When searching for the best boats for sale in Marathon Key you will be able to find more than a few different offshore fishing options. In fact, you will be able to find a wide range of different brand new models and secondhand fishing boats for sale. This is primarily due to the fishing-oriented industry of the city. Saltwater fishing boats, diving boats, yachts, cruising, and sailing boats are also relatively popular in the area.

Marathon Key Top Water Activities

There isn’t a shred of doubt that the most popular activity in Marathon Key is fishing. However, as it can be noted with the diversity of the different boats for sale in Marathon Key, other water activities are also relatively popular. Among the activities enjoyed by tourists are snorkeling, spearfishing and diving, as well as sailing, cruising and powerboating.

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