Boats for Sale in Port Charlotte

A portal to the Gulf

Port Charlotte is known as being a USC (United State Census) spot, as well as being a one of the major portals to the gulf. Port Charlotte is located on the South Western portion of Florida, North of Cape Coral and bordering Peace River, Myakko River, and Charlotte Harbor. Charlotte Harbor is the second largest natural bay in Florida. For those seeking boats for sale in Port Charlotte, the options are quite abundant.

Angler Boating

While Port Charlotte is a gateway to the Gulf of Mexico, there are several freshwater locations within close proximity of the area such as those found on SW Egres Circle, Lake Suzy, or even Lower Myakka Lake in Sarasota. Directly within the Port Charlotte area there are 9 locations for fishing. These areas are Angler Fishing Pier, Bayshore Live Oak Park, Boca Grand Fishing Pier, Centennial Fishing Pier, El Jobean Fishing Pier, Englewood Beach at Chadwick Park Placida Fishing Pier, Port Charlotte Beach Park, and Sunrise Park.

Fishing Regulations

The Port Charlotte area does not permit dogs on the beaches or on the fishing piers, so those that have such may not want to bring them along on your fishing adventures. When purchasing boats for sale in Port Charlotte be sure to follow the fishing regulations in the area when taking our your new boat.

Many of the fish in Port Charlotte have minimum size requirements. At minimum the length ranges from 12” to 22” depending on the type of fish caught (for example a flounder need only be 12” while a Cobia must be a minimum of 33”). There are also catch limits to the fish. For a comprehensive list of fish and the requirements please see the Charlotte county marine website or contact the fishing and boating administration of Port Charlotte.

Navigating Port Charlotte

One of the benefits of boats for sale in Port Charlotte is that there is an abundance of waterways and docking opportunities within the area. Alligator Bay branches into at least three areas, including a long stretch along Rock Creek Drive and a waterway to Little Alligator Creek. Peace River gives access to Harbor Blvd, Easy Street, and Edgewater Drive, all of which have water access for boats. In fact, it is very difficult to find a sector of Port Charlotte which does not have access to the harbor by water. Granted, you have residential areas but from east to west, north to south, you can easily get your boat in the water and into the Harbor.

Gulf Boating

To access the Gulf of Mexico from Port Charlotte, you will need to go through Charlotte Harbor. This will bring you past Pine Island Sound as well as Bokeelia and Lacosta island. As you will be boating in the Gulf of Mexico, it is advised that you look for boats for sale in Port Charlotte which have multiple engine. If you are wanting to stay inshore or if you wish to diversify your boating for the freshwater as well as the Gulf, look to purchase boats for sale which has one to two outboard engines (though it is not recommended that such craft be used for deep water fishing).

Charlotte Harbor is more apt to have classic powerboats and cabin cruisers, but not as many as Tampa Bay may have. Boats for sale in Port Charlotte will be more to the 20’ or larger range for the most part, unless the seller is offering a freshwater boat for sale. HydraSport boats for sale and Contender boats for sale are typical for the Gulf Coast and Gulf deep water navigation.

Those seeking to navigate along the Gulf Coast may wish to find a dual functional boat for sale in Port Charlotte. These luxury or leisure vessels will have swimming docks, side door access, benches on the transom, leisure lounges, rod holders on the port and starboard, as well as amenities to the console and front console area. Keep in mind that the waters of the Gulf can get a bit rough, so a focus on a secondary anchor, the deep of the boat, as well as the HP produced by the engines is essential. These are all important ideas to keep in mind when shopping boats for sale in Port Charlotte.

Finding Boats for Sale in Port Charlotte

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