Boats for Sale in Port Orange

Part of Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, FL.

Daytona is famous for NASCAR as well as being a party central in Florida. As such, it should come as no surprise that Port Orange which is located directly south of Daytona Beach would be paired with similar activities and associations. Port Orange is considered to be part of the Deltona, Daytona, and Ormond Beach area, although the coastal frontage is only 3.5 to 4 miles or so. Port Orange borders the Halifax river/Ponce Inlet. Access to the Atlantic requires navigating around Daytona Beach Shores. For those seeking boats for sale in Port Orange there are a few things to consider.

 The Daytona Association

Like many places within Florida, the culture and activities of the nearby community directly affect the types of craft which dominate the area. Since there is a great deal of focus on Daytona International Speedway, the ferris wheel, Main Street Pier, and the general family and relaxation atmosphere of the beach, Future boat buyers should not expect to find the high end yachts and luxury craft boats for sale in Port Orange.

Looking at the demographics of the area, you will see that it is primarily tourist oriented, specifically to the middle class. The types of boats for sale in Port Orange will be the smaller leisure boats, such as Bayliner, Four Winns, Hurricane, and ski/wakeboard boats for water sport activities. While some of these boats are considered to be a higher class than other brands, like the Sun Tracker (which is a great boat for the family), the majority will be oriented to the middle-class budget.

Non-Atlantic Port Orange Boating

Apart from the Atlantic, there are several waterways within the county which are not connected to the oceans or divert enough away from the ocean as to not be seen as such. Spruce Creek would be the most popular of these waterways. However, the city is peppered with smaller waterways, private ponds and lakes, and parks. As far as large lakes are concerned, the area’s closest would be Lake Ashby off of 415 and the Deltona waters as well. Boat buyers should keep in mind that these areas do have speed and motor restrictions as part of the Manatee Preservation legislation of Orange County and the surrounding areas. Those who are looking for boats for sale in Port Orange whose intention is to use the vessel on fresh water should purchase a single outboard engine craft, a pontoon, or a skiff.

Population and Tourism Considerations

While you may be able to find a number of speed boats in the area, consideration to inshore vessels and the population of both other vessels and the tourists should be measured. Super speed boats may not be licensed for certain areas of the beach. Furthermore, the Atlantic Ocean, Daytona and Port Orange region will be populated severely with craft, especially during racing season. Keep this in mind when seeking boats for sale in Port Orange.

The best boats to purchase in the Port Orange area will be those boats which are easy to hitch to a trailer and haul to another location. Again, this is due to the mid-class family oriented atmosphere of the city and the surrounding beaches. Boats for sale in Port Orange will be around 15’ to 35 feet in length for the most part and will be powered by a Mercury or a Yamaha engine. Other engines may be available, especially on custom jobs and specialty boats. Boat buyers should be cautious of purchasing narrow bridge boats as the waters of the Atlantic are really not intended for such (you may get away with it if only using the boat for inshore recreational purposes). Wider bridge, high deep numbers, as well as a great anchor should be sought. Unlike the gulf where the hull needs to rest a bit higher on the water, the Atlantic does not have the same hazards and mooring dangers and so a deeper resting vessel would be appropriate.

There are several boat docks and boating access ramps in Port Orange. Call the county for a port near you.

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