Boats for Sale in Sarasota

A guide to boats for sale in Sarasota

Sarasota Florida is located on the Gulf of Mexico and consists of both part of the peninsula state as well as part of an island off the state. Sarasota is best associated with the Sarasota Bay as well as Longboat Key, though there may also be some association with Siesta Key, White Beach and Desoto Lakes, as these areas are close by. Those shopping boats for sale in Sarasota should consider the various sectors of Sarasota, such as Avon, Central Heights, Indian Beach, and Baha Vista Estates, to gauge the type of lifestyle that those offering boats. Here are a few considerations when looking to purchase a boat in Sarasota Florida.

Mote Marine Laboratory and Classification Restrictions

Right off of Sarasota Bay is the Mote Marine Laboratory. This facility is globally recognized for their research into oceanic preservation. That being stated those which have high octane, power driven vehicles, may get a bit of frustration from the organization, especially if the boats have an engine with a low shaft. Most of the bay area of Sarasota and Manatee Counties are considered to be “Outstanding Florida Waters”. However, areas such as Placida Harbor, Gasparilla Pass, Kettle Harbor, Bocilla Lagoon, Knight Pass, and Oyster Creek (as well as others) have been classified as “Aquatic Preserves”. Outstanding Florida waters means they are under the protection of Section 403.061 (27) statues. Outstanding Florida waters do not affect boating rules such as speed limits and no wake zones as these are controlled by local governments. These areas also do not affect the Fishing rules or harvesting limits. Aquatic Preserves, on the other hand, have very strict  regulations regarding boating and access to such areas. In some cases you can ask for a permit if your boating is for research and education, maintenance and repair, professional fishing guides, if you are an owner or resident of waterfront property which is zoned such, or if you are a boat manufacturer. Keep in mind that many of the laws are local so checking with the authorities on the matter would be beneficial.

The best boats for Sarasota

As a great deal of the Sarasota district is historical, scientific, and preservation sites, it is best to look for a boat which has lower environmental impact than those which may be suitable for tourists areas such as ST. Petersburg which is just North or Sarasota. Pontoon boats are ideal for the Sarasota region as they are lower impact and do not have the HP that would be frowned upon by some of the historical and aquatic researchers in the area. Those which wish to go further out into the Gulf of Mexico could get a shorter fishing boat rather than a 30 to 50 footer and then put the boat in Nolomis of Vince Flordia, rather than try to navigate around the Sarasota Bay.

Those which purchase larger boats in Sarasota should have a plan for docking the boats. As the water is OWF and Aquatic protected for a great part, you may be restricted on the size of the vessel as well as the places where you can dock your vessel. One may consider going up 75 to 19 and storing their vessel in Greater Pinellas Point or St. Pete Beach.

Lido Key

Perhaps the only ideal location for boating in the Sarasota region would be Lido Key. This would be an area where you could get away with a larger cruising craft. It is located near Bird Bay, the world capital for shark’s teeth, and connected to the John Ringling Causeway.

Do you need help in finding a boat?

If you are looking for boats for sale in Sarasota and need assistance in finding the right boat, please browse the selection of crafts on Vessel Vendor. The section has some of the top brands of boats manufactured in Florida.Vessel Vendor works alongside purchasers, buyers, leasers, and other boat enthusiasts to provide you with the best option for the area. Should you have any questions about a particular vessel, please see the boat review page or contact Vessel Vendor Directly. Any questions regarding the various zones and classification of waters should be directed to the local government, as well as any forms for boating permits in these areas.