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Buy a boat in Bernard County

Scottsmoor is part of Bernard County which was founded in 1861 when James Garvin acquired the territory through the Spanish Land Grant. Although established, the town of Stottsmoor did not become a resort community and gain the populace and popularity until the 1920s. While the city remains a popular tourist location, growth has been slowed due to Titusville’s proximity to the John F. Kennedy Space center. Still, the city is located on the coast which means that there is a market for tourism, boat cruising, angling, and boats for sale in Scottsmoor.

Mosquito Lagoon and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Scottsmoor is located off of interstate 95 along highway 5. In terms of the water access, Scottsmoor rests directly behind Mosquito Lagoon and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. As such access to the ocean should be done by going on 5 or 95 to New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, or even Daytona. Adventurous boaters may want to head down the Indian River and access the Atlantic. This could be quite an excursion, however, as you may need to circle around Merritt Island to the Banana river to Coca Beach or nearby access points. Anglers will want to use Mosquito Lagoon as there are several large fish available in the area, particularly the Redfish. Mosquito Lagoon has been dubbed as “the Redfish Capital of the World”. Those seeking a boat for sale in Scottsmooor for angler purposes should look for flatboats and for bass boats which can easily get in and out of tight spaces, as there are no causeways from the mainland to the barrier island. Look for the Poll and Troll zones as there are two, one along the eastern shoreline and one on the western side.

Mosquito Lagoon is about 21,000 acres with some areas having a depth of only 2’ or so. Fishing and boating is regulated by the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service. Proper licenses and permits are required to use the lagoon. There will  be limitations on the size, number, and type of fish you can catch. Check the areas website for information or contact the Florida Boating and wildlife administration for more information.

Indian River Boating

Sometimes referred to the Space Coast, boating on the Indian River has several hot spots, islands, and fishing locations. Boats which are common on the Indian River are Bow Riders, Cabin Cruisers, family runabouts. Catamarans are also widely popular on the Indian River, especially those which have been equipped with a convertible canvas top. Catamarans tend to have the power of some of the larger boats but do not rest as deep, something which is essential when you are boating in areas where there are wildlife reservations/refuges.

Look for outboard boats

As the area does have the National Refuge, it is best for optimal use that you find a boat which has an outboard engine. This allows for you to troll in certain areas where speed may be restricted. Furthermore, should you wish to access parts of the refuge where motors are limited, the odds that you will be permitted with an outboard engine over an inboard are higher. Check with the local boating authority for licenses, boating restrictions, and rules for boating in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge as some areas may be restricted during nesting/migration seasons.

Other boats for sale in Scottsmoor Florida

In addition to the catamaran and runabout boats, there are some cruiser boats, hardtops, and walkarounds which are available, primarily catered to those who will be offshore boating in the Atlantic. There may be a few performance boats available, but these will be rare, we the HP on such boats tends to be higher than what the area allows. Glastron, Cobalt, Bayliner, HydraSports Custom Boats, Sea Vee, Boston Whaler, Regal, and Chris Craft are some of the brands which you may find when shopping boats for sale in Scottsmoor. Boats which have multiple engines and higher power should be considered for the Atlantic.

Find boats for sale in Scottsmoor Florida

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