Boats for Sale in Sopchoppy

In the heart of the Apalachicola National Forest

Nestled in the heart of the Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge and Apalachicola National Forest is Sopchoppy Florida. 319, Smith Creek Rd and Sopchoppy Hwy merge at the center of this city making it a small yet popular nature stop for many tourists. And though the town is located in a wildlife preserve, this does not mean that there are no boating opportunities or boats for sale in Sopchoppy Florida. If you are looking for a boat for sale in Sopchoppy, here is what you need to know.

Sopchoppy is near several large bays

While there are no water sources within the borders of Sopchoppy, there are quite a few within just a few miles of it. Oyster Bay, Ochlockonee Bay, Alligator Harbor, Otter Lake, and Lake Ellen. You also have Bear Creek and a few smaller ponds and streams peppered along the way. Where in most cases where you have lakes and streams, you would want to look for the flat bottom, or rounded hull with single engine outboard configurations, due to the proximity of the town to the Gulf, it is more beneficial for the boat seeker to look for the larger angler boats.

Parks and Recreation

There a few small parks in the Sopchoppy area, but no location for small boats. These are the Myron B. Hodge City Park, Sopchoppy Historic Gymnasium, Georgia, Florida and Alabama Depot, and the Sopchoppy Tennis Park. Obviously, out of these locations, only the city park has water and there is nowhere for boats. However, you can fish in the small water with the proper permits.

Due to the lack of water, in the Sopchoppy area, boaters will need to either fish in one of the nearby lakes, which could be problematic as the city rests in the middle of a wildlife preserve, or they will need to launch into the Gulf.

What type of boat is ideal for the Gulf?

Since Sopchoppy is only 15 minutes away from Surf, Florida (around 8 miles), expect to find boats which are more oriented to Gulf angler and leisure purposes. Gulf boats should have wider beams than the standard deep Vee hull boats, as you will need to avoid spinning and rolling on the waves. That being stated, you do not need to have a boat which rests too far in the water as the Gulf tends to have unpredictable depths in some places.

If you are looking for a boat for sale in Sopchoppy for deep water fishing, HydraSport, Boston Whaler, SeaHunt, SeaHunter,  Chris Craft, and Regal boats are all appropriate. Keep in mind that if you do purchase one of the larger boats, that you will need to get it to the Bay.

The 98 sale line

Boat buyers should be aware that boats which are listed as being in Sopchoppy Florida may in actuality have the boat in a number of places along 98. It is not uncommon for a lister to name several cities along the coastal highway in order to maximize their potential target audience. The problem with this is that if you look for a boat for sale in nearby Sopchoppy, Florida that you may end up traveling to Carrabelle (26 miles), Port St. Joe (67 miles) or even Panama City Beach (113 miles). Ensure that when you are seeking a boat that you know exactly where it is located. Boats which are located within Sopchoppy, Florida will be off of either Rose Street (Park Ave, Faith Ave, Orange Ave, or Municipal Avenue), Sopchoppy Hwy (Gulf St, Sheldon Street, Summer St, Winter st., Dickson St, Wakulla Street, Ben Isler Street), or be a side street from these locations.

Find a boat in Sopchoppy

Should you be a resident of or close to Sopchoppy and are looking for a boat for sale, Vessel Vendor can help you find the right one. Vessel Vendor specializes in pairing qualified buyers with enthusiastic boat owners in order to provide the best boats to the best buyers. Our selection of pre-owned vessels are from the top manufacturers, many of these boats only being one-owner or having motors still under transferable warranty.

Information about specific boats can be found on the boat review page. Additionally, you are encouraged to review the manufacturer summary pages and location pages (such as this one) to help you better decide the type of boat appropriate for your needs. If you are concerned about regulations and stipulations, please contact your local boating authority.

Interested in selling your boat? Great! Vessel Vendor would love to hear from you. Please fill out the appropriate form on the site, including information about your boat, and we will get back with you on how to list your vessel with us. Whether you are listing or buying we welcome you to the Vessel Vendor family.