Boats for Sale in St. Petersburg

America’s Boating and Sailing Capital

When it comes to boating, there are few places which compare to the popularity and the diversity of the boating and sailing in St. Petersburg. Located on the top western sector of Florida, the city is the home of the Art Arbor Nature Crafts Festival, the Crawfish Festival, the Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s baseball league, the Honda Grand Prix, as well as St. Petersburg College. The area is a mixture of cultures and styles. As such, it should come as no surprise that the waters would be as diverse with boats and sailing vessels as the people in the area. Read below to find out the boats for sale in St. Petersburg.

Every type of boat for diverse waters

St. Petersburg offers waters which are ideal for cruising, sailing, fishing, diving, and recreational sports. The depth of water varies a good deal which allows for inshore fishing and recreation as well as off shore. As St. Petersburg is located on the Gulf, there are some barriers which form from time to time. Specifically, the Gulf Intercostal Waterway serves as a natural gateway from the inner waters to the outer waters.

When looking for boats for sale in St. Petersburg, you need to consider your primary use. Because you can choose from virtually any type of watercraft for the waters and be fine, it really comes down to what you intend to do with the craft that you purchase. Boat seekers should keep in mind that there are several areas with shallow water, so having a lighter boat may be ideal. However, if you wish to get into the open water, there is some great fishing opportunities.

The sailing and boating capital

If you are looking to purchase boats for sale in St. Petersburg which goes along with the general populace, then you will want to look at the sailboats and recreational crafts. This means that your boat should either be the traditional sailboat, or be a boat which can accommodate parties for recreational services. Look for boats which have access doors near the transom (such as the double latch door from a HydraSport or the Regal docking door), ample seating around the interior hull, sufficient storage, and higher HP. Unlike other areas in Florida, St. Petersburg is a great place to max out the HP capabilities of the boat.

The popularity of St. Petersburg

One of the considerations that a person purchasing boats for sale in the St. Petersburg area should have is the popularity of the area. As the area is the country’s most popular boating and sailing spot, it could be a bit over saturated when it comes to navigating the waters. Yes, there are 200 miles of deep-water canals for sightseeing and/or fishing, but these miles may be clogged up with others seeking to take advantage of the area.

Apart from the potential water way clogging, is the fact that there are more registered boats in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, than any other county in Florida. Docks and ports may be difficult to find room for your new boat, due to the amount of vessels which are already registered and docked. Add to this proximity to Tampa, and the difficulty in securing a docking location may become even harder. It is recommended that those which will need to dry dock or wet dock their boats do so down the coast in a less populated area.

While there are several inlets putting your boat in the water (which is a major benefit of having a boat in that part of the Gulf), once you have your boat in the water, you will need to know what areas are appropriate for your vessel. As the area is the most popular boating waters in Florida, checking around with the locals as well as calling the boating authorities for St. Petersburg is recommended to find out exactly where and what you can go and do with your craft.

Some major considerations for boat St. Petersburg buyers

When purchasing a boat in St. Petersburg, Florida, you need to keep in mind that this area is overpopulated with marine craft. That being stated, there are good boats, and there are those which are no so good. Check with the owners as to the purchase date, how long the boat has been docked, and carefully inspect the hull, engine, cabin, and such places for any sign of neglect or poor maintenance. When possible, purchase your boat through a reputable boat distributor rather than straight from the individual. Such greatly minimizes the risk of purchasing a vessel with flaws.

Need help in getting a boat in St. Petersburg?

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