Boats for Sale in Steinhatchee, Florida

Rich in history, rich in marine activity

Steinhatchee dates back as late as the 1500s when Panfilo de Narvaez came through the area. DeSoto also crossed the falls of Steinhatchee, as did General Andrew Jackson, General Zachary Taylor, James Howard Stephens, and others. While in the past city was called the “Falls” it was renamed in as Steinhatchee after the river in 1931. Whether looking at the area as the falls or the river, it is obvious that the community is very much focused on water activity. If you are seeking a boat for sale in Steinhatchee Florida, here are some things that you should know.

Fresh and Saltwater Boating

Steinhatchee is located on the Steinhatchee River on two of its bordering sides. As such, freshwater boasts, skiffs, bay boats, flat bottoms, and pontoons may be available. Steinhatchee River has been known as “every day being a good fishing day”. As such, boats in the area will be angler based for the most part. Even when you start to look at the larger crafts, they are more apt to be angler center console boats, walk around, or boats which can function as leisure and angler such as the SeaHunt Escape Series.

Boaters should note that Steinhatchee does include Steinhatchee Springs Wildlife Management Area. This is almost 21,000 acres. And while there are recreational opportunities for the area, there are also regulations on motorized vehicles. According to the FWC, district lands have limited access and certain motorized vessels are prohibited in some areas. Steinhatchee Springs Wildlife Management Area is owned and operated by Suwanee River Water Management District.

Gulf access

Apart from the direct access to Steinhatchee River, boaters will find that there is a direct access to the Gulf. Boats for sale in Steinhatchee may include the larger vessels which are ideal for the deeper water of the Gulf. To access the Gulf from Steinhatchee, you will need to go down the river past Lazy Island. As the majority of the area around Steinhatchee is uninhabited, finding a harbor directly on the Gulf may be a bit difficult.  Traveling up Beach road may give you an option near Fish Creek and  Keaton Beach, and traveling South will eventually end you at Horseshoe Beach. However, these are both quite a drive on narrow roads.

The best option when looking for a boat for sale in Steinhatchee is to find a vessel which can access the Gulf by Steinhatchee River. If it is a larger boat which has regulation on navigation, take the boat from the Gulf and dock it elsewhere if you cannot get a spot at the Sea Hag Marina, River Haven Marina, Good Times Marina, or Gulf Stream Marina. If you have concerns about how to pick the best marina please feel free to visit our page on docking and marinas.

The Surrounding area

Unlike other cities/towns which may have neighboring locations posting boats for sale, there is little around Steinhatchee apart from Cross City, Hines, and Fish Creek. This means that if you find a boat for sale in Steinhatchee, it will more than likely be located in Steinhatchee. Even if it is listed for Cross City, it is a close drive on 27 to get to it.

Those purchasing a boat from Steinhatchee and transporting the vessel via trailer should note that there are no major highways running through the area. Roads are narrow and so precautions should be applied when navigating your vessel to 27. Once on 19, you do have a bit wider of a road, but purchasers should be advised that the narrow streets to access Steinhatchee should be taken slowly to avoid damage to your vessel.

Find a boat for sale in Steinhatchee

If you are looking for a boat for sale in Steinhatchee Florida, the first thing that should be considered is the intended use. As the area provides a selection of boats for both fresh water and for salt water, knowing the primary purpose will help you in determining which boat is perfect for you. Should you wish to evaluate the specifications and features of pre-owned boats in the area, Vessel Vendor would like to invite you to browse our boat review pages. Additional information can be found on the manufacturer summary page and the Boat services pages of the site.

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