Boats for Sale in Stuart

The sailfish capital of the world

Stuart, founded in 1870 and incorporated in 1914, is located on the borders of the St. Lucie River. To the west is the Indian River. Its direct access to the Atlantic as well as the proximity to Fort Pierce makes this a prime location for those seeking quality vessels. Stuart, known for its snail fishing, is a water activities town. If you are looking for boats for sale in Stuart, here is what you should know about the location.

A peninsula within the peninsula

As you may know, Florida is a peninsula, hence the association with the pan handle. Stuart is a peninsula within the state, making it a peninsula within the peninsula. Bordering the area is the St. Lucie River, South Fork St. Lucie River, Part of the North Fork St. Lucie River and the Indian River. South East Indian Street is not touching water (South Side). For boaters, the water accessibility and abundance yield large selections of boats for sale in Stuart. Additionally, the type of water around Stuart allows for those seeking fresh or salt water to have an abundance of choices.

In addition to the St. Lucie River, the international waterway is in direct contact with the area. The international waterway runs 3000 miles connecting the New England States to Florida Atlantic and Gulf waters. Because of this, Boaters seeking certain vessels may have more chances of acquiring it in Stuart, as the boat may be from another state but available in that area.

Larger boats available

Since there is direct access to the Atlantic, and as there are Harbor options in Stuart, such as Snug Harbor, you are more apt to find larger boats for sale in Stuart. In many cities, this is not an option as the cost of moving from inland to the coast can be expensive. Yet, with Stuart, not only does the buyer have the option of the 20, 30, or 40-foot cabin cruiser, Center console boat, or cuddy cabin boat, but they also have access to Yachts which are typically reserved for high traffic coastal areas. Boats may include the Ferretti Motor Yacht Flybridge, Hatteras 63 Motoryacht, Grady White Sailfish, American Tugs, and Sea Ray boats. You may also be able to find the HydraSport 42 Siesta, and soon the HydraSport 65 Estrella for sale in Stuart.

Documentation of the vessel is very important for potential buyers. When purchasing your boat ask the seller if there is a stern-to-bow warranty or a transferable warranty on the motor. Usually, you will have to contact the manufacturer directly to get the warranty transferred, and will need to have all documentation to do so. Additionally, when docking or using a marina, you will be required to have the correct documents. Ensure that you have this documentation by using a reputable vessel vending site, such as Vessel Vendor.

Power expectations

Boats for sale in Stuart will be higher powered than areas where there are small lakes and ponds. The lakes which are around Stuart are large, and the Indian River is quite expensive. Combined with the direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, by means of the St. Lucie Inlet, the expectations of power are high. Expect to find boats which are equipped with 3-5 outboard motors with horsepower ranging from 250HP up to 500HP. Also, as there is a probability for the larger Yachts which can get over 60’, you may come across a few inboard motors.

While there are a multitude of larger angler vessels, cruisers, cuddies, and CCs, there are also a number of smaller boats for sale in Stuart. Even with the smaller crafts, it is recommended that you stay with engines which are above 150HP unless you are opting to only fish inland. Higher power, deep Vee, and stepped hull designs are optimal for this area.

If boating in the smaller ponds and streams check with the local boating authorities as to the regulations and stipulations which may be in place.

Find boats for sale in Stuart

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