Boats for Sale in Sugarloaf Shores

Buy a boat in the Keys

When you think of boat sales in Florida, typically you do not think of the keys. However, boats for sale in Sugarloaf Shores come in abundance. The boats for sale in the Florida Keys cater to the more unstable waters of the Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Sugarloaf is one of the newer cities of Florida. The 1920s formed the environment for the city but it was not until the 1980s that the local economy was rezoned for residential development. If you are seeking a boat for sale in Sugarloaf shores, here are a few things you should consider about the location.

Only one road in

The most obvious consideration that anyone seeking a boat for sale in Sugarloaf Florida should have is the access to the city. The only route to Sugarloaf is Interstate 1. Furthermore, there are only two roads off of the Overseas Hwy. These roads are Sugarloaf Blv. and S. Point Drive. Because of this, Boat buyers should either have the means to trailer and carry their vessel (as it is quite likely that the boats offered will be larger than that of the standard boating trailer), or (more sensibly) that they are able to devote the time to navigate from Lower Sugarloaf Sound, Upper Sugarloaf Sound, or Cudjoe Bay to the Southern part of the State. Please note that water access is a bit fickle in the Sugarloaf sound. Route your trip carefully.

The listings may be multi-city based

As Sugarloaf Shores is such a small area, it is not probable that there will be a lot of boats for sale in that specific location. However, this is not to say that you will not be able to find boats. Just know that listings for Sugarloaf could include Cudjoe Key, El Chico, East Rockland Key and more likely Key West. Listers commonly use a multitude of cities in this location to reach more people. Even if you have to travel to Key West to get your boat, it is only a 15-mile ride, approximately 30 min.

Boats for sale in Sugarloaf Shores Surrounding areas

The proximity of Sugarloaf to Key West makes the boats for sale more to the cruise and yacht selection than to the smaller craft. Additionally, the waves and the conditions of the Atlantic deter boat owners in the Sugarloaf area from purchasing and owning smaller vessels. It is not probable that you will find any inshore vessels in the area. Offshore fishing and angling boats may be found in the 25’ to 30’ range. Yet, even these will be scarce.

Expect to find boats which are 30+ feet, again as you are in one of the most cruise line sections of the state. Apart from mega yachts, expect to find C Yachts, Fivercrafts, Sportcraft, 41’ Morgan Boats, HydraSport Siesta, 87’ Ferretti 870, 81-foot Trumpy Motoryachts, 75’ Flybridge Motor Yachts, 75’ Constellation Catamarans, 61’ Vikings, 57’ Pilothouse, and Chris Craft Custom Boats.

Features you will need

In order for you to have an enjoyable boating experience near Sugarloaf Florida, look for boats for sale in Sugarloaf Shores which have inboard motors or for outboard motor configurations with high HP. It is not recommended that you use a dual or even a triple engine for these waters as the waves and the winds can be quite taxing on the navigation. Additionally, it is highly recommended that smaller offshore boats have a secondary anchoring system in place to reduce drift and sway. Navigation and terrain systems are critical as are cabins and toilet areas.

How to find a boat in Sugarloaf Shores Florida

While you could take highway 1 from the tip of Florida, such would be a long ride. Additionally, you could take a plane to the international airport. Again, this is a bit much to find a boat. The more suitable solution would be to use an online source to find the perfect boat. Vessel Vendor would love to help. Our boat classifieds website offers an array of boats for sale in Sugarloaf Shores and throughout Florida. Additionally, our boat review pages, manufacturer pages, boat services, and location pages (such as this one) can help you to find the right boat for your needs, location, and personality.

Contact us today to learn more about buying a boat for sale in Sugarloaf. Interested in selling? Not a problem. Vessel Vendor can help you sell your boat by listing your vessel for sale in Sugarloaf on our platform. Our online boat classifieds website helps connect boats for sale with boat buyers. Let us help connect you with a qualified boat buyer or with a boat dealership near you interested in buying boats for sale in Sugarloaf Shores.