Boats for Sale in Sumatra

What you need to know when looking to buy boats for sale in Sumatra

Located within the Apalachicola National Forest, Sumatra houses 148 people. The population is proportionality split with 73 males and about as many women. Out of the 148 people 42 are family homes, 18 are nonfamily homes, and 16 are living alone. As you can see, it is a small community, and as such finding boats for sale in Sumatra may be hard to come by. This does not mean that there are not boats to find, but that you should know the area in order to know where and what to look for.

Water around Sumatra

Looking at Sumatra, you will see that there is not an abundance of water access points. Apart from two bodies of water on SW 10th street and Black Creek located off of SW Sr. 65, the closest water is Owl Creek, Lake Wimico, Jackson River, Big Bay, and Dead Lakes. Potential boat owners should be aware that the majority of boats which are offered for sale in Sumatra will be bay boats, skiffs, and smaller angler boats such as the Yellowfin 21 Hybrid or the smaller SeaHunter boats.

Access to the Gulf

Because Sumatra is located close to Panama City as well as to Tallahassee, you may find that the larger cabin cruisers, cuddy boats, as well as the custom angler boats (including charter boats) may be available for purchase. Potential buyers should note that although the listing may be under a “for sale in Sumatra, FL” header, the boat may actually be located in one of the more populated cities, especially when you start to look for the larger vessels and for those which are for offshore fishing.

Access to the gulf is best made by taking 65 south to Green Point or East Point. However, you can gain access to the Gulf of Mexico by SR 12 to SR 71, but that trip is about 2 hours’ time, a bit much for a city which is only 30 miles away.

Boating in Freshwater

For the angler who prefers the freshwater, the closest water to Sumatra is Apalachicola river. This river is ideal for bass fishing, striped and sunshine bass, eels, shad, shiners, and hybrids. There are no size limits on hybrids or white bass but you may only catch 3 striped bass of 18+ inches. The bag limit for stripers, hybrids, and white bass is 20 fish per day.

The Apalachicola river is rather shallow in some areas, and so those who are seeking to fish in the freshwater near Sumatra should seek boats for sale that are capable of going into 2’ of water or so. Power polls, secondary anchors, and trolling capabilities are a must for this area. Restrictions limit the HP and the outboard size of motors in some areas in Florida, so you are encouraged to contact the Florida water and wildlife site for the restrictions and stipulations for licensing and boating on the river.

There is a connector between the Apalachicola river and the Gulf. However, the route is too long for the average boatman unless that person is making it a point to have a few days to travel. If this is you, plan your trip accordingly and check with the various sectors which you will pass though before getting to the Gulf.


As the population of Sumatra is rather small, the likelihood of having a vast selection of boats for sale in Sumatra is slim. Ensure that you know exactly where the boat is located and how it was stored or docked before perusing a purchase. Should you find a boat exceeding 25 to 30’ in Sumatra, you should consider how it will be moved. There are only 2 main routes to take out of the community to the Gulf, both of which are relatively narrow. The purchase of a boat which can be trailered is recommended.

Where to find boats for sale in Sumatra

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