Boats for Sale in Venice

Practically Made for Boaters

Heading into the southern portion of Florida is sure to give you beautiful scenery and spectacular beaches to enjoy and one place that you will find along the gulf side of the southern portion of the state is Venice. Even though you might think of Venice in another country being famous for water, Venice Florida is a boater’s dream. Venice, more specifically, is located in Sarasota County. With Laurel to the north, South Venice to the south, North Port to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, Venice is in the middle of where everyone wants to be and that has allowed for the city’s population to grow over 22% in the past few years. The current population according to the 2016 census is 22,465 residents.

Water in and Around

When looking at a map of Venice, at first glance, it would seem that there are no rivers or lakes anywhere to be found within the city, but a closer look shows that the city was named quite correctly as it is literally surrounded by water. The Venetian Waterway runs along the entire east perimeter of Venice creating a sort of island feel to the city. With the Gulf of Mexico bordering the west bank of the city, there is nowhere to hide from water here.

The problem with the waterway for boaters is that it was made by the city of Venice as primarily a park attraction. Therefore, there is no real room for boats of any size. The only approved activity within the waterway is fishing from the bank of the man made river. Those looking to take the water will have to stick to the gulf and within Robert’s Bay.

Buying a Boat in Venice

There is a lot to consider when buying a bot to use on any waterway, but with Venice, FL, even more has to be considered. Since the primary water activities will happen in the gulf, the need for a sturdy sea water designed vessel is apparent. Boaters also have to consider the need for a bay boat as well. The solution provided you do not possess room for multiple vessels is to find an excellent multi-purpose vessel. Boats with a small draft will allow boaters to get into the shallow areas of Robert’s Bay along with the sandy beach areas of the coast. Many multi-purpose boats utilize both a small draft and many of the bay boat features along with high powered motors that can allow boaters to head deep into the ocean for excellent deep sea fishing.

Transporting a Boat

Even though you may believe that your boat purchase will allow you to head strait to the water, it will need transported. The most direct path through Venice and to the open water is down Venice Avenue. This street will allow for easy access to the water, but if your vessel is over 35’ in length, you may have to find a more direct route to Robert’s or Dana bay. I-75 offers the best transportation for boats of this size and Tamimi Trail will give access to the bays off the interstate. It is a larger highway than some of the surface streets and the bay is wide enough to accommodate vessels of larger sizes.

Looking for Boats for Sale in Venice, Florida?

Boat shopping can be fun, but it can also be a challenge. The choice always comes down to where to purchase the boat from. Most people will head straight out to the dealership to find the perfect brand new boat just waiting for them, however, that is not always the case. The dealerships have to mark up the price of boats in order to make a profit. They also have a severe depreciation value on new vessels the minute they are taken off the lot. There is a better solution for finding boats for sale in Venice.

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