Boats for Sale in Vero Beach

The 13 mile tropics of Florida

The city of Vero Beach has undergone a bit of transitions. It was originally brought into existence in 1919 but it was not officially called Vero Beach until 1925. Vero Beach is known as a political subdivision of St. Lucie County/Indian River County. Being that it is a divide from the county, it is not a large city. Spanning only 13 miles it is one of the smaller cities of Florida. If you are looking for boats for sale in Vero Beach, you should first understand the market. Here are a few tips for purchasing boats for sale in Vero Beach.

Look for fishing and Sports boats

Vero Beach is known for its sports and fishing, specifically along the Atlantic coast. Boats may be used in the Okeechobee Lake, but more often than naught you will find boats cruising the waters of the Atlantic, heading down to Fort Pierce, or up to Daytona. Within this area you have Fins Sport Fishing, Port St. Lucie Fishing, Charters, and several deep sea fishing professionals. This helps to further sway the area to a primarily fishing oriented sector. Those seeking to purchase a boat from Vero Beach should look for a boating vessels specifically designed for deep sea fishing. Pontoons and low HP wide boats are not recommended for this area as they typically do not do well in deeper water.

If you wish to purchase a smaller boat, then it is recommended that you stick to the marshes and lower waters around the Vero Beach area. As there are several commercial areas which use airboats, all you need to do is seek out where these charters are being run and you are sure to find some pontoons and smaller fishing crafts available. Keep in mind that the marshes and the rivers of Florida tend to have motor regulations, and Vero Beach is no exception when it comes to the wildlife preservation and the types of vessels which can be used. Check local zoning for the specifics and boats allowed.

What to look for in your Vero Beach Boat

Vero Beach fishing boats should have ample storage spaces on the deck as well as several rod holders. If you are planning on using the boat for both leisure as well as fishing, try to find a luxury boat which offers quick conversion from a deep sea fishing boat to one for cruising. Many of these boats transform the front bow from being an area to fish from to a luxury lounge area.

Because the boats for sale in Vero Beach are oriented to watersports and to fishing, your boat should have a dedicated cabin space. Dual monitors or tri-monitors are suggested as this allows for more control. Fold back tops are not recommended. Sports boats may have an open transom areas, but purchasers should be cautious as to the sitting of the boat. Only boats which are purchased for leisure and cruising should have the open transom area and sit lower. Any boats which will be used for deeper water should have substantial clearance around the hull to divert water away from flooding the deck.


As Vero Beach is only 13 miles, the docks are rather limited. The result is some strict regulations by the council as to private docks as well as commercial docks. Docks cannot have signs posted, which may make finding a specific dock a bit problematic for those which are not familiar with the area. Vero Beach also has regulations on squatting with a boat, so having your vessel at port for long periods of time may pose a bit of a problem for some buyers, especially if the boat has built in resting/living quarters. Ensure that you check with the docks and ports as well as with Indian or Lucie county for the specifics of boating and docking in Vero Beach.

Find a boat in Vero Beach, Florida

Boats for sale in Vero Beach Florida may be from the city or from the surrounding area. Do not be surprised to find boats for sale in Sebastian, Palm Bay, Pahokee, or Lakewood Park which claim to be for Vero Beach. As all of these areas are primarily the same in terms of their targeted boating market, it is ok to look around a bit. However, to make the finding of a boat a bit easier, please see the selection of boats for sale in Vero Beach on Vessel Vendor.

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