Boats for Sale in Wausau

Buying a boat for sale in Wausau? Here’s what you need to know.

Dubbed the possum capital of the world and with a population of close to 400, Wausau is one of the smallest communities in the state of Florida. Located in the North Western part of the state in Washington county, the town is only 36 miles from Panama City. For boat seekers, this town may have a few hidden gems for sale. If you are looking for a boat for sale in the Washington County area, here is what you should know about Wausau.

Boats are apt to come from nearby cities

The obvious drawback to a town that has 400 or so residences is that the households will be fewer and therefore the number of boats within the 0.1 square foot area will be slim. However, Panama City Florida residences, Destin, Chipley, Cypress, Marianna, and even Tallahassee listers may put their boats for sale in Wausau. Those in Wausau seeking a boat may find that going to these nearby cities will provide a bit more diversity in the selection of boats available.

Freshwater boating in and around Wausau

There are several lakes which are close to Wausau Florida. These locations are best suited for the fish around, flat bottom boats, single outboard motor boats, skiffs, and Bay boats. Most of the lakes are too small and shallow to support large Center Console boats, Cabin Cruisers, or Cuddy boats. Should you wish to find freshwater near Wausau you will find Lucas Lake, Gully Lake, Gap Lake, Porter Lake, Boat Lake, Hamlin Pond, Hammock Lake, Long Lake, Dunford Lake, Major Lake, and Hicks Lake to the south. To the north of Wausau, you have Corbin Pond, Owens Lake, Cobb Bay Pond, Riley Lake, and GW Sewell Pond, we well as several smaller ponds and lakes.

Access to the Gulf

Access to the Gulf can be done by 231 to 75. At this point you can drive along 98 to your dock or launch point. As Panama City is a tourist location, boat buyers should take note that the boats in the area are apt to be Charter fishing boats or boats from seasonal houses. When purchasing a larger vessel such as a Hydrasport or a Boston Whaler, consideration should be given to the water access. Because Wausau is not on the water, you will have to navigate down the highway. A pull behind trailer is adequate in most instances. However, if you have a 45’ or larger you may find that once you get to the water you will need to go to one of the docks to launch (as the buildings and beaches in the area are close together and there are a great many dunes and private access points).

Be cautious of the Out of State Sales

Due to the Proximity to both Georgia an Alabama, you may find that there are boats listed for sale in Wausau which are in truth located in those states. While there is usually nothing wrong with the boats from those states, there may be differences between the registration and tag legislation from those states and Florida. Ensure that you have a valid tag available when looking at pre-owned vessels. To find out how to register a non-tagged boat please see our corresponding article.

Where can you find a boat for sale in Wausau?

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To find out more about a specific model, please see the boat review pages. Manufacture Summaries are also available.

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