Azimut Flybridge 80 Yacht Review

Azimut Flybridge 80 Yachts

Luxury and Fun from a Company That Knows How to Build Yachts

The amount of yacht companies on the market today is increasing with each passing year, but when you want the best, you trust the ones that have been around throughout years within the industry. Azimut is one of the most well known yacht brands on the planet and they have proven over and over again, that they are at the top of their game. The Azimut Flybridge 80 yachts for sale are the largest within the  Azimut Flybridge Series and are certainly among the most well equipped yachts on the market.

Power and Performance

It is never enough to make merely a well designed yacht. Yacht owners want a boat that is beautiful, but also agile and fast on the water. Power and performance are at the heart of the Azimut Flybridge 80 yachts for sale and buyers are able to chose from two engine choices to fit with their individualized needs. The first option is the powerful twin MAN CR V12 with 1500 HP engines with this choice, the max speed is 28 knots with a cruising speed of well above 22 knots. The second engine options are two MAN CR V12 1800HP motors. Top speed for this configuration is over 30 knots with a cruising speed of over 25. No matter which you choose, you will have access to one of the strongest hull systems in the yacht industry. Both of those aspects combine work together to outperform even some of the speed yachts on the market today.


The beauty of yachting is that you can take your home with you wherever you want to go and Azimut is a company that understands the importance of having spaces comfortable, but luxurious as well. The lower deck of the Azimut Flybridge 80 yachts have been designed to maximize space and beautiful accommodations perfectly. The deck allows for four staterooms, three full and on single with twin berths. Each stateroom has its own head compartment and ample closet space. The master suite is located in the center of the ship to take advantage of the full beam of the vessel.

The design of the master is quite intelligent as the master head takes up the entire back portion of the space. This design gives a little extra separation from the engine room to allow the hum of the engines not to affect the sleep of the occupants. The master closet separates the two sides of the master berth with a toilet and sink port side and a sink and shower starboard side. Two extra seating areas are found in the master suite as well, so the occupants can move around as opposed to simply sitting on the bed. The lower deck also maintains crew quarters for two crew members tucked into the back of the yacht for convenience of the owners.

Choose Your Style

The main deck of the Azimut Flybridge 80 yachts for sale have been designed to allow for maximum comfort for owners and guests. The helm station is tucked away on the starboard side of the vessel. This allows for the captain to remain focused without worrying about distractions from the rest of the passengers. The beauty of the main deck is that the customer is able to choose how their galley is arranged. For those that prefer to let the chef handle preparations without any involvement from the owners, the galley can be closed off from the rest of the space. For the owner who happens to love to cook, they can choose to open up the galley to the rest of the space. No matter which one you choose, you will have plenty of space for dining as well as relaxing on the many seating areas throughout the main deck.


Length:                                 82’ 8”

Beam:                                   20’ 3”

Draft:                                    5’ 8”

Weight:                               64 Tons

Fuel Capacity:                    1,585 Gallons

Water Capacity:               290 Gallons

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