Azimut S7 Yacht Review

Azimut S7 Yachts

Ahead in Technology and Design as Well

Yachts have certainly evolved into many things over the years and sadly, many companies have been unwilling to change with the times. Azimut is a company that is known for their exceptional quality and unique design. They have grown to become one of the most known yacht builders in the world because of their uncompromising view that the customer should always get the exact vessel they want. The company however does understand the need for modernization and change to the vessels and they have always been at the forefront of design. The Azimut S7 yachts for sale are the newest in the extensive Azimut fleet. It is modern, fast, fun, and quite possibly the best design from the company to date.

Power and Performance

Even though the Azimut S7 yachts have been designed to be a true head turner, the designers also understood the need for power packed performance. For such a large vessel, it is no surprise that multiple engines are needed to power the boat. The motor configuration for the Azimut S7 is 3 Volvo D13 ISP 1050 800 HP engines. Speeds do vary of course, but with this vessel running at top speed, you will see at least 35 knots. Applicable cruising speed of around 30knots will keep you running smoothly but maximizing fuel economy as well.


A yacht is much more than your everyday average boat. It is designed to be your home away from home to take you and your family to any destination desired without fail. The Azimut S7 yachts for sale were designed by one of the best known yacht brands and the designers know what yacht owners and their families want. Onboard this beautifully appointed vessel you will find four staterooms and three head compartments along with an additional crew cabin with its own head compartment.

The layout allows for two full suites and an additional two twin sized staterooms perfect for children. The smaller of the two full staterooms is located at the bow of the vessel with plenty of storage and its own berth. The master suite is located mid ship and takes advantage of the full beam of the vessel. Within this space, the owner has their own spacious head with large shower and all of the comforts of home. They also have extensive closet space and a seating area as well. Comfort and luxury are all part of the package onboard the Azimut S7 yacht.

Relaxing Up On Deck

The sleeping deck is not the only place that boaters will get the chance to enjoy a bit of peace and relaxation. As the yacht powers you to points throughout the globe you and your guests can take advantage of the forward and rear lounge spaces. The forward lounge is quite expansive and offers convertible lounge seating, so you can soak up the sun at the exact angle you need. The same style of lounge is located on the back deck as well, so guests are able to stretch out and never have to be cramped together in one area. When the sun becomes too much, a short walk can bring guests into the covered dining area for a little shade.

The Main Deck Interior

The layout of the main deck allows for a free flowing atmosphere. The outdoor space flows seamlessly into the interior space to maximize the light and airy feel. The space is also able to be customized to the specifications of the customer. The Azimut S7 yachts are appointed with ample seating areas, as well as a beautifully appointed galley. The standard galley allows for a large cooktop, microwave, full size sink, and any other specialty equipment the customer could want. Your home away from home can be everything you need it to be with the Azimut S7.


  • Length:                                 70’ 1”
  • Beam:                                   17’ 5”
  • Draft:                                    5’ 6”
  • Weight:                               44.6 Tons
  • Fuel Capacity:                    1,004 Gallons
  • Water Capacity:               264 Gallons

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