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Beneteau 34 Yachts

Uncompromising Quality

Yachts are found throughout the world. There are a number of different varieties to choose from whether you are looking for a traditional style yacht, a sports yacht, or even a tournament fishing vessel for you and the whole crew. The choices are endless, but one of the most popular style yachts does not fit into any of those categories. Yachters today are reaching back into boating history and enjoying the slow easy movement of sailboats boats from long ago. Beneteau is a company that has become the experts on this style and the Beneteau 34 Yachts for sale today are among the best in the business. Here are just a few of the great things you can expect from this amazing sailing yacht.

Power Options

The standard yacht motor is not enough to power the sheer girth of this exceptional sailing yacht. The Beneteau 34 Yacht is powered by a Cummings 425 HP Diesel. It maintains both bow and stern thrusters and cruises easily at a cool 16 knots topping out at 22 knots. Although you might think that this boat would be a beast in fuel consumption, it actually uses less than 1 gallon of fuel for every nautical mile. The design of the hull allows the motor to power the boat through the water effortlessly and provides ample stability throughout the ride. The rear backup camera is an additional function of the boat that allows for a much easier time backing into small ports.

Cabin Accommodations

Probably one of the best aspects of this style yacht is the fact that there is ample room for everything you need to live comfortably within the cabin area. The 6’5” ceiling height allows for even the tallest of individuals to remain comfortable at all times. In the galley area, even the most professional chef will be comfortable with a full-size microwave, stove, refrigerator, and double basin sink. The cabin is carpeted throughout for the utmost in comfort, but if the carpet is not what you want, the cabin area is able to be customized to your specific needs. The galley and the salon are separated by a curtain, so the area can be closed off or opened depending on what is needed. Mosquito screens are available at the aft facing door to allow the fresh air in without the added yacht guests.

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping on board the Beneteau 34 Yacht is easy with two full staterooms. All interiors are able to be customized, but you will find that the space in each stateroom is remarkably ample for two people. Other accommodations can be added for additional people such as a convertible sofa or convertible dining area. The addition of bunk style sleeping arrangements is a possibility as well for those who have children or are simply traveling with friends. The yacht currently maintains only one head area for all onboard, but this may be able to be further customized if you require more head space.

Deck Features

The deck on some standard yachts is simply not appealing to everyone. The standard fiberglass flooring used may be durable, but lacks substantial style. With the Beneteau 34 Yacht, the boater has the option of adding style to this area as well. You can choose that standard easy-clean style of the fiberglass deck, but if you want to make a true impact on your guests, the teak deck option is for you. Teak allows for a certain level of style that is not afforded by other options and today’s materials are remarkably easy to care for. With this yacht, it is all up to you and that is by far, the most attractive thing to any avid yachter. Although other yachts may be larger and faster, the Beneteau 34 Yacht maintains a style all its own and allows you to be in control of how you want to live on the water.


  • Length:                                 36’
  • Beam:                                   32’ 9”
  • Fuel Capacity:                    211 Gallons
  • Max HP:                               425
  • Water Capacity:               85 Gallons

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