Contender 22 Sport Boat Review

Contender 22 Sport Boats

The Little Boat with a Lot to Offer

Thinking about purchasing a new or used Contender 22 Sport boat for sale? Most people tend to think that the bigger the boat, the better it is. That is not always the case. Contender has a reputation for providing the public with excellent boats for both leisure as well as tournament fishing. Contender boats for sale come in a wide range of sizes, but the same effort that is put into their larger and most expensive center console boats, such as the Contender 39 Tournament or the Contender 28 Sport, is put into every Contender 22 Sport manufactured. It is the smallest Contender boat for sale, but is designed with the same skill and craftsmanship that Contender is known for. Rest assured this small center console boat is well equipped and ready for the water.

Multiple Uses

Some boats only seem to have one primary use, but the best boats offer their owners a little more bang for their buck. The Contender 22 Sport is among the most affordable vessels on the market today, but that certainly does not mean that it is simply a one note vessel. The boat is able to be fully customized just like any other boat within the Contender fleet, but the bonus for the Contender 22 Sport is that it can be adapted to a very capable fishing vessel with plenty of storage and live bait wells. Not only can you fish practically anywhere with this small boat, you can also enjoy leisure time and diving as well. A short jaunt to a neighboring island is the perfect way to spend an afternoon and get away from some of the crowds that often keep people from truly enjoying themselves is the perfect way to enjoy the Contender 22 Sport to its full potential.

What About Speed

Usability is one thing, but having a boat with versatility, stability, and speed is truly one of the most important aspects. The Contender 22 Sport boats for sale are fully powered by a Yamaha 300 HP motor that gives it the ability to glide seamlessly across the water. With the high reputation of Yamaha backing the vessel, you will have no trouble getting to any destination desired and the low profile of the hill gives you the ability to get into some of the shallow areas that the big boats simply cannot get into. True versatility and ample speed is built directly into every Contender 22 Sport boat.

Practical Features for All

Simply because the Contender 22 Sport boats are a little smaller than some other boats on the water does not mean that it lacks on available features. The designers at Contender have used their expertise to get the most use from the limited space onboard. This boat is fully equipped for any type of use with 2 – 59-gallon storage compartments along with 2 additional 30 gallon fish boxes. The above deck 26 gallon live well enables you to keep bait fresh at all times and the ample seating found throughout the Contender 22 Sport give your guest enough places to sit and be comfortable during the whole excursion. In addition to the storage space found throughout, additional storage space is located under the seats, so there is no place left without at least two functions. That enables maximum use with minimum space.

Easy to Haul

Some boats require specialized equipment to get them to and from ports that they are not planning on getting to via waterways. It can be quite an expense to haul large vessels, but the best thing about the Contender 22 Sport is that it is easy to transport with no more than an average trailer used to haul the vessel. It is easy to load onto any trailer and slips seamlessly into the water for any type of excursion. Your family and friends will love the usability of the Contender 22 Sport and you will love the fact that it is remarkably inexpensive to own and maintain.

Drive with Ease

Contender is king when it comes to easy to use boats. The ease comes from the ergonomic design as well as the simple nature of the dashboard. The Contender 22 Sport boat is one of the best boats for someone who may not have a considerable amount of experience in boating. It gives you the opportunity to learn without overcomplicating the experience.


  • Length:                                 22’6”
  • Beam:                                   8’6”
  • Draft                                      18”
  • Weight:                                4,450 lbs. Fully Loaded
  • Fuel:                                     100 Gallons

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3.63 Out of 5

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