Contender 24 Sport Boat Review

Contender 24 Sport Boats

The Perfect Boat for Everything You Want to Do

Boats are becoming larger year after year and that is certainly no surprise when everyone is clamoring for larger and larger vessels. However, there is something to be said for a straight forward boat that enables you to utilize the boat for multiple functions. The Contender 24 Sport is the perfect example of an all around excellent boat with features that make it all the more spectacular. Contender is known for producing the best boats around and the Contender 24 Sport is just the latest in that long tradition of excellence.

Power to Appreciate

A boat does not have to have the largest and the most advanced motors in order to be considered a good boat. The Contender 24 Sport is certainly not the largest boat that you will likely see on the ocean, but it will be one of the fastest and most stable boats you will come across. That is due to the attention to detail with the motor chosen for this boat. The power and dependability of the Yamaha brand coupled with the epic reputation of Contender is the perfect pairing. A 250 HP or 300 HP outboard motor powers the Contender 24 Sport. Should just one of these impressive beasts not be enough for the type of power you want, you can customize the option by having not one, but two motors powering the boat.

With just one of the F-300 motors powering the boat, the top speed of the Contender 24 Sport is a staggering 56 miles per hour with a cruising speed of 32 miles per hour. With speeds like that you will certainly leave many of the other fishing vessels on the water way in the back of the class. The Contender 24 Sport is perfectly adapted to be an excellent fishing boat for leisure fishing with the family or just a small leisure boat for a day out on the water with a few friends. The versatility and power found within this vessel is sure to turn heads and be the envy of others on the water with you.

Seating for Everyone

You do not have to own a yacht in order to seat and entertain a crowd. All it takes is having enough seating for people during the ride. The Contender 24 Sport is not just an excellent fishing vessel, it is perfect for entertaining as well. Wrap around seating at the bow of the boat gives everyone a comfortable place to sit and the seat at the helm of the boat is large enough for 3 adults. Everyone can come along for the ride onboard the Contender 24 Sport and remain completely comfortable throughout the trip.

Storage as Well

Some boats have a lot of unused space, but when you have a boat that is only 24’ long as is the Contender 24 Sport, every bit of space must be used in order for the boat to be as versatile as possible. The designers of this remarkable boat understood the value of maximizing the space within. Therefore, every seat onboard the Contender 24 works as a dual-purpose device. The seats allow for extra storage space beneath to allow for the deck to remain clean and clutter free at all times. If that were not enough storage space, the available storage directly in the deck with extra storage spaces beneath the deck an available live bait wells for all fishing excursions.

Easy Driver

A boat is not worth much if it is not easy to drive. Some boats seem to require the driver to take a course on how to effectively pilot the boat as the controls can be quite confusing. The designers of the Contender 24 Sport have designed the vessel to be piloted by even the least experienced person. The ease of the controls is due to the simple dashboard and overall maneuverability of the vessel.


  • Length:24’6”
  • Beam:8’6”
  • Draft:18”
  • Weight:5,250 lbs. Fully Loaded
  • Fuel:130 Gallons

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3.38 Out of 5

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