HydraSport 4200 Siesta : The Extreme Fisherman’s Boat

HydraSport 4200 Siesta Boats

When it comes to a fishing boats, power, luxury, and functionality are the key components. As such, avid fishermen/women may wish to look at the Hydrasport 4200 Siesta. Best suited for deep sea fishing, as an off-shore party boat, and for those seeking speed, the Hydrasport 4200 Siesta has several definitive features to offer. Here are but a few great features of this luxury center console boat.

Four engines for maximum power

Powering this 42-foot-long HydraSports boat are 4 Yamaha standard rotation engines. Each engine has 350 horse power. They are electrical start engines with a 60 degree V8 DOHC 32-Valve engine type. Each engine has a shaft length of 25. And while the weight of each engine may be 763 pounds, they in no way diminish the thrust and speed of the boat. The HydraSport 4200 can reach speeds up to 67mph with a cruising speed of 46mph. And don’t worry about burning through your gas. This fisherman’s boat has a cruising range of up to 493 miles.  The Siesta is the only 42’ boat rated for four V8s.

Designed with fishing in mind

Across the transom of the boat are rod holders. These are met by two large live bait wells. Teak floors throughout the boat deck have various fish boxes. Located slightly off of the transom is a baiting station. Though named such, it is more along the lines of a wet bar or kitchen island, as it provides the person with a sink with fresh water, the option for a grill top cut out, and a frigid mounted cooler mounted on an electric ramp. Under storage on the tackle station is typically 3 drawers while at the top of the tackle station more compartments and rod holders are provided. Rod holders are located on all sides of the boat to maximize fishing stress free.

The Helm

When standing at the helm, you will see that there are 3 captain’s chairs. Each chair has Bentley stitching and its own set of features. Particularly nice is the fold out lounge and footrest.

Looking at the command station, one of the first things to note is the 3 large garmin touch screens. These are all 8 series and have radar, autopilot, def sounder. The button and other control functions are based upon Yamaha engineering. Layout of the control buttons is designed for waist level access for the average adult.

More than just a fishing boat

While the Hydrasport 4200 Siesta is primarily intended for the fisherman, it is also designed for leisure. One can see this from the pull out seating on the transom, the dual functionality of the electrical cooler to extra seating, the plush seating area, as well as in other features such as the diver’s door and the 12,000 watt stereo powering 24 speakers and 6 subs (available on the extreme edition only). Forward seating on an electric ramp allow for the seating area to be quickly converted into a complete lounging area (as a cushion comes out over the table when it is lowered). All forward seating doubles as a storage area. Additional cup holders, and rod holders are located strategically under the coaming bolsters.

Going below to the cabin, one will find it rather spacious. Access to the cabin is portside, though you may find a 4200 with customized options. Materials and lighting will change dependent upon the options that the owner has opted in for. The common 6’ adult has ample head clearance. Lighting as well as natural skylights add to the open feel. The cabin does come with one bed and a toilet.


The bow of the Hydrasport 4200 Siesta comes with a windless anchor system. This means that the anchor can be raised or lowered by pushing a button. Additional space for a second anchor is also provided (the anchor is not), for those which cruise in areas requiring a bit more stability.

Specific Specs

Specifications for the HydraSport 4200 Siesta are as follows:

  • Length is 41’ 7”
  • Beam 12’2”
  • Deadrise 23 Degrees AFT
  • Weight 23,000
  • Fuel Capacity 614 Standard
  • Freshwater Capacity 50 gallons
  • Draft-Engines up 24”
  • Bridge Clearance with the Top 10’

It is important that the purchaser distinguish between the standard and the extreme edition of the HydraSport 4200 Siesta, as there are a few features on the extreme model which are not available on the standard edition. To shop HydraSport 4200 Siesta boats for sale, or to list a HydraSport 4200 Siesta for sale inquire here.

3.88 Out of 5

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