Intrepid 400 Center Console Boat Review

Intrepid 400 Center Console Boats

Boating for Everywhere You Want to Be

When people think of boats, they often only envision the boats that have the primary function of fishing. Fishing is a significant part of the boating industry, but it is not everything. People use boats for a variety of reasons from short jaunts into the ocean for a day of fun with the family to longer excursions up the coast. Unfortunately, not all boats give the user the ability to do more than one of these activities. That is why the Intrepid 400 Center Console boat was designed to give you options on how you choose to use the boat. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to consider buying an Intrepid 400 Center Console  boat for sale for all you wish to do while on the waterways.

Maximum Control

No matter what activity you choose to do while on the ocean, the need for control is paramount. Control comes directly from the helm of the boat and each vessel has their own individual helm design. For maximum control on all fronts, the Intrepid 400 Center Console boat is equipped with the latest in power seating. Every person is different, but with the ability to adjust the seating anyone is able to pilot the boat with ease. The dashboard on the Intrepid 400 Center Console is another reason that the boat offers the driver maximum control. It is easy to read and has all controls within easy reach of the driver. It is designed ergonomically to fit with the average person’s needs for optimum control on all excursions.

Fishing Amenities to Brag About

The Intrepid 400 Center Console boat is truly one of the most versatile fishing vessels around. It can easily take the family out for a ride along the coast, but it does not distract from the truly original function of a boat, fishing. Fishing can be a lot of fun, but is even more enjoyable when you have the right equipment on board to help with the overall experience. Fishing amenities allow for the fishing experience to be more about the fun and less about the work involved. The Intrepid 400 Center Console has more fishing amenities than most other boats with plenty of fishing boxes throughout the boat as well as 9ft. gunwale rod lockers. The fishing experience can be further exemplified with customization of these features such as available large bait wells. The options are endless when it comes to outfitting your Intrepid 400 Center Console as the best fishing vessel on the market with the quality brand of Intrepid Boats behind it.

Leisure Experience

Boating is wonderful, but when you find yourself on a boat that is primarily for fishing, yet is being used for leisure purposes, the experience can be less than fantastic. However, the Intrepid 400 Center Console gives guests the luxury they desire at all times. The luxury begins with the seating that can convert to the most luxurious sun lounge for guests to get the perfect tan they have always desired. When the sun becomes too much or your guests simply need a shady spot to rest, the interior cabin is spectacular. It boasts a roomy interior with sink, microwave, and television along with customizable beautiful finishes. In addition to these wonderful adornments, the lounge converts to a comfortable and relaxing day bad at the touch of a button. Your guests will appreciate the seemingly small details throughout the cabin.

Swim Platforms

A boat is just a boat if it is not accessible to all guests. Guests aboard your completely customizable Intrepid 400 Center Console boat are sure to enjoy themselves thoroughly with easily accessible features. Taking a boat out for a swimming excursion enables those that want to relax to be able to do so while others enjoy the cool feeling of the water washing over them. The Intrepid 400 Center Console is among the most versatile vessels on the market today because it has feature that matter on multiple fronts including swimming. Swimming platforms can be integrated into the design of the vessel to make your fishing excursions better and more accessible than ever before. It takes a lot of strength to board a boat in open ocean, but the platforms enable better accessibility even for those that do not possess the upper body strength to effectively perform the task.


  • Standard Fuel: 307 Gallons
  • Beam:11’1”
  • Length:40’3”
  • Water:40 Gallons

There are a number of Intrepid boats for sale today and each on has their own individual features. However, the best boats are those that offer a wide variety of features to fit the needs of many different types of boaters. The Intrepid 400 Center Console boat for sale is among the best boats on the market today because it does not discriminate against any boating activity.

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