Intrepid 407 Cuddy Boat Review

Intrepid 407 Cuddy Boats

Where Luxury is a Standard Feature

A luxurious boat for sale is not always so easy to find. Many manufacturers attempt to produce a luxurious vessel, but forget to ask the actual potential boat buyers what they truly want from their perfect boat. The results are often a boat with luxurious features, but lack of actual usability.

The designers at Intrepid have listened to what their boat buyers want from their luxury boats and have delivered with an all-around adaptable, yet luxurious vessel, the Intrepid 407 Cuddy. You are going to love all that this remarkable floating palace has to offer. Learn why purchasing an Intrepid 407 Cuddy boat for sale is the perfect luxury boat for you.

Motors to Appreciate

Purchasing a boat for sale, without dependable motors to back it up, is not going to feel luxurious at all. It will likely not get you very far out of the dock, but the Intrepid 407 Cuddy will take you as far as you want to go with three powerful motors backing you up all the way there. Intrepid designers have taken things a little further as well by not offering customers not just one motor to choose from five full options. The first of the four is the powerful Seven Marine. This remarkably luxurious choice gives the vessel supercharged power with a 6.2L V8 and options to personalize the power to your needs. Other options include Yamaha and Mercury motors. These options give the customer dependability in the excellent reputation of both companies.

The final two options are for those that want to embrace the luxury lifestyle, but prefer to keep much of their fuel money safely in their wallet. The Suzuki motors come in the 250 and the 300hp varieties. The AP-Series V6 outboard motor gives your Intrepid 407 Cuddy to have the power you require without the increased expense of the more powerful V8 models. Evinrude is the final motor option to choose from and with these motors, you get up to 30% more torque while burning 15% less fuel. The E-TEC engines deliver all the power with much less expense. As a bonus, if you choose the Evinrude motor option for your Intrepid 407 Cuddy, you will get a 5-year corrosion warranty to protect your motor. With options like these, you cannot go wrong in the choice you make.

Where to Go

Unlike other boats that seem to be primarily built for one purpose, the Intrepid 407 Cuddy has many different uses. The primary use for this vessel is certainly for accommodating friends and family for leisure trips. Guests enjoy the peak of luxury both topside of the boat as well as within the well-equipped interior cabin. No luxurious feature was left unchecked aboard the Intrepid 407 Cuddy with comfortable seating throughout. The boat also gives the ability for your guests to get the most from every excursion with convenient fold away ladders and dive platforms to make it easy to get on and off the boat at any time.

For the fisherman of the bunch, there are additional options to keep them happy as well. Baitwells, rod holders, tackle boxes, tank storage, and wash down areas, you can fish and store your catch with ease. When the fishing is completed and everyone is looking for a bit of downtime, the entertainment can begin with plenty of bar space. Throughout the trip your guests will enjoy a fully functioning head with shower, toilet, and sink, but when everyone is gone for the day and you need a little time for yourself, the fully-equipped cabin offers you all the comforts of home with luxury built right in. Your Intrepid 407 Cuddy is fully equipped with a sink, refrigerator, and compact cooktop. You do not ever have to leave the boat to find the best accommodations. No matter where you go, they go with you.

Convenient Cockpit

Any vessel is not worth much if it is not effectively piloted. The cockpit aboard the Intrepid 407 Cuddy makes piloting the vessel an effortless feat with comfortable seating for two within the cockpit area and an ergonomically designed dashboard to make sure that all features are easily reached from the driver’s seat. All lights within the cockpit are full LEDs to make them easy to see and easy to use no matter what time of day or night you happen to be driving the Intrepid 407 Cuddy.


  • Standard Fuel:                                  387 gallons
  • Beam:                                                   11’1”
  • Length:                                                 40’0”
  • Water:                                                  50 Gallons

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3.88 Out of 5

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