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NorTech 320 MC Boat Review

NorTech 320 MC Boats

The Boat You Have Always Wanted to Drive is Within Reach

There is a lot of spectacle around the large yachts on the waterways, but there is something to be said for a beautiful and well-appointed smaller boat. You do not have to have the largest vessel on the market to make an impact wherever you go and the NorTech 320 MC is proof positive of that. This boat has been designed by the best at NorTech to give their customers the experience of a lifetime throughout the Florida coastline.

Solid Construction

Boats can be made of many different materials, but we are lucky to live in an age where the materials are being made more durable and stronger than ever before. Gone are the days where a boat had to be made of wood and the NorTech 320 MC boat is made of a variety of strong materials to ensure that this boat lasts for as long as you need it to. Composite materials are mixed with Kevlar to reinforce the hull for maximum strength. A foam and fiberglass core enable this vessel to be strong without impacting too much on the overall weight. That means that the NorTech 320 MC boat sits higher in the water than many other comparable boats and gives you the ability to dock it at some of the shallower areas without fear.

Navigation to Get You There and Back

The waterways surrounding Florida can take you to many destinations, but without the proper navigation equipment, the journey can be a bit bumpy. The navigation onboard the NorTech 320 MC boat is among the best available and no need to use tiny screens while trying to drive the boat. The 15” screens enable you to see everything clearly so you can get you and your crew where you want to go without any problems. With an ergonomically designed helm, the journey is not only easy, but comfortable as well.

Rest a While

Smaller boats are not always known for having the most comfortable features. They tend to be quite cramped, but the NorTech 320 MC boat has been designed to maximize space without interrupting your ability to be comfortable. The seating on the vessel can be customized to your specifications to ensure that your entire group can sit in complete comfort. The wrap around wind shield keeps the spray and the wind from interrupting your comfort even at top speed, but the best part comes when the boat is parked. The rear twin loungers give you the ability to relax and let the world float right past and the swim deck onboard the NorTech 320 MC boat gives you and your guests the chance to have the most fun possible on the water.

Convenient Features

The need for space is always a must and on a boat, that space can come at a premium. Boat manufacturers have become quite clever in integrating multi use options into the boat to maximize the space available on deck. The NorTech 320 MC boat utilizes special features to allow their owners to get the most from the experience. One of the most notable features on board this boat is found beneath the aft facing seat. The seat hides a cooler that is perfect for keeping drinks cold for the whole crew without having bulky coolers taking up deck space and becoming a danger when the boat is in motion.

Where to Go

The sandy shores of Florida can be dangerous to some boats, but the careful consideration for the components used during construction of the NorTech 320 MC give it the ability to sit higher in the water than other vessels and that can give you quite an edge when looking for a place to have a quiet family day. The NorTech 320 MC boat is made with family and friends in mind and design to meet the individual needs of the customer with the ability to customize the features that are most important to you.


  • Length:                                 32’
  • Beam:                                   9’9”
  • Draft:                                    30”
  • Weight:                               9000 lbs.
  • Fuel:                                      180 Gallons

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4.02 Out of 5

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